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Feud with Math Devon Bin Cole War Pickle and Jwana Dai

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Feud with Math Devon Bin Cole War Pickle and Jwana Dai

Post by theslayer on Wed Nov 30, 2016 1:28 am

Week 1: The Slayer and Dracule Mihawk vs. Math and Devon Bin Cole in a tag team match where I hit Math with my Death drop finisher and Dracule hits his on Devon but as we get ready to pin them War Pickle and Jwana Dai interferes in the match knocking us all out

Later that night: We are backstage in the locker room Dracule looks at me and says we have to get revenge on War Pickle and Jwana Dai what better way to do it then interfere in Math's single match with War Pickle I say to Dracule we are going to hit them hard and fast and we will have victory we pat each other on the back and head out

Week 2: Math vs. War Pickle in a singles match they are both getting worn down when the lights go out me and Dracule make our way to the ring just as the lights come back on Math and War Pickle are face to face with us when we hit them with a chair making their faces a crimson mask full of blood and we take the microphone and make a match that will be a Three Way Tag Team

Week 3: The Slayer vs. Math singles match the match is down to the wire and as I get ready to hit Math with my signature move he dodges it and hits me with his finisher and defeats me

After the match: We are backstage and I run into Math he said we had a good match and is looking forward to our Three Way Tag match

Week 4: Dracule Mihawk vs. War Pickle singles match Dracule heard that I lost against Math in my singles match with him so he is worked up in getting a win against War Pickle I am watching backstage as I see Dracule hit War Pickle with his signature move and pinning War Pickle for the win

Later that night: I meet back up with Dracule and tell him he did a good job in beating War Pickle and that everyone is pumped up for our Three Way Tag match

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