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Construction of Metal Hell~

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Construction of Metal Hell~

Post by Sephira on Wed Nov 30, 2016 3:31 am

Placeholder for RP of Steel Cage Construction and teaser of Neptunia XI.

written by Lilynette & Ayari

A long hallway. A sound like metal hitting metal could be heard in a distance. Sakuya was walking behind Lilynette. She had told her that she wanted to show her something special. Sakuya was still a bit surprised about the transformation that had happened just earlier to her, so she was a bit afraid to ask where they were heading to.

The more they walked the louder the sound became. Yes this was definitely metal on metal. She could see a large door at the end of the hallway. She felt a bit warm. It was as if heat was radiating from the door into the hallway. When they reached it, it opened.

In the distance, she could see Lilynette standing amongst a group of Demons while holding a large sword in her palms. As Sakuya approaches closer, she can hear Lily's disgruntled voice.

Lilynette: "As much as I like how it looks, it's not exactly what I would call sharp? I mean, can it even cut through bone because you know how much I love carving bone idols."

Demon: "It should be able to cut through steel my lady, but we would gladly sharpen it more for you to appease your delicate tastes in weaponry."

As the Demon goes to take the Sword from Lilynette, she pulls back and swipes the Sword away from the Demon who takes a step back.

Lilynette: "NO! I will test it myself. It's not like we are short of steel to trial anyway."

Sakuya looks around her as she slowly walks towards Lilynette.

The whole place was tinted in an orange glow. Heat radiated everywhere. It brought back unpleasant memories of her death to Sakuya. It was also noisy, the sound of machinery & metal resonated around.

The ceiling had to be at least 20 meters high. Giant machines were housed under it, some of them almost reaching the ceiling. Countless demons and demonesses were operating them. It looked like a giant forge.

As they walked along the grated floor, Sakuya looked below. It looked like a giant pit full of molten rock and steel was right underneath them. Pipes were leading out of it and into most machines. She wondered just how much of the fluid was beneath them.

Sakuya: "Why are you showing me this place?" "And just what is the purpose of it?"

Lilynette turns around and points the sword at Sakuya. She lets out a sly smile as the edge of the sword slowly presses against Sakuya's chest.

Lilynette: "You're late. Did you get lost? Did the lack of clothing make you suddenly timid to show yourself?"

Sakuya takes a step back and places her hand against her chest as Lilynette puts the sword down to her side.

Lilynette: "I have something to show you. Try not to make too much noise with those hoofs for feet, I don't want you scaring my workers."

Lilynette puts her arm out with sword in hand. One of the Demons takes the sword from her and she flicks her hand, indicating they leave her as she turns and begins to walk forward.

They walked up to one of the machines. Metal was pouring in from one side and got pressed into shapes. Sakuya stepped closer to it to see it in more detail.

Sakuya: "So this is the thing that makes the guards' armour."

Lilynette: "No, it's a giant toy maker. I like life size models."

Lilynette holds her hand over her face as Sakuya looks at her strangely. She lets out a sigh.

Lilynette: "You know what, I have a better idea. Why don't I show you what this machine does... in more detail hmm? Maybe that will answer your questions... and maybe solve that nudity problem you have."

Lilynette grabbed Sakuya by the arms and slowly turned her to face her. Suddenly Sakuya's feet where at the edge of the platform they where standing upon. A pair of demons quietly opened the rails exposing the drop below where a large tub of molten metal has lined up. Lilynette let out as smile.

Lilynette: "You know, it's not often that I get to show someone my machines so close..."

Lilynette places her finger against Sakuya's chest and slowly applies pressure, making Sakuya begin to lose balance. Suddenly Sakuya fell backwards and off the platform.

Sakuya did not even realize what had happened. She was lying in the molten metal and underneath the press. It was painfully hot. She wanted to scream, but before even getting a single syllable out, the press pushed her into the mold.

She thought she had died again, but this was not the case. She still couldn't see anything, but the had pain subsided. She was not even feeling hot anymore, just a pleasant warmth that embraced her.

A few seconds later the press was raised. Much to her surprise she could stand up without any trouble, she checked her body for any damage, but couldn't see anything. Even the wings and tail which she was still getting used to seemed to work normally. She noticed that she was wearing armour now, fitting perfectly around her chest and pelvis. It was quite comfortable to move around in and it did not feel like it had any weight at all.

Lilynette: "You know, I lied when I said it's not often I get to show my machines off like this... normally those I show it too don't come out wearing that armour."

Lilynette lets out a chuckle before leaning in closer to see her reflection.

Lilynette: "Hmm, beautiful. However, I'm bored now and have things I need to attend to. I can't leave the guards above ground alone for too long, they don't like humans that much, especially dead ones."
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