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The Slayer and Dracule Mihawk vs. Math and Devon Bin Cole in a Tag Team match

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The Slayer and Dracule Mihawk vs. Math and Devon Bin Cole in a Tag Team match

Post by theslayer on Wed Nov 30, 2016 6:46 am

Ring Announcer: The following is a Tag Team match, scheduled for One Fall!

Introducing first the tag team of The Slayer and Dracule Mihawk!
The Slayer and Dracule Mihawk come down the ramp (theme song playing)

Naneal:Both competitors looking pumped up for action here.
Taki:For the first show, they'd better be!

The Slayer and Dracule Mihawk enter the ring

And their opponents is the tag team of Math and Devon Bin Cole!
Math and Devon Bin Cole make their way down the ramp (theme song playing)
Naneal: This is going to be a big match... hopefully.
Taki: Aw, c'mon Naneal, don't be so pessimistic! 4 beefcakes in the ring ready to punch each other until the best team of studs wins, hopefully with some color on their faces as well!

The bell rings and the first two in the ring is The Slayer and Math

The Slayer takes the initiative and hits Math with a Slap
then grabs him by the arm and throws him toward the ropes

and hits him with a clothesline
quickly Slayer climbs to the turnbuckle and lands a springboard dropkick
Slayer then picks up Math by the hair and hits him with a roundhouse kick
once again picks Math up by the hair and lands a running bulldog on him

Naneal: Fast paced action from The Slayer!
Taki: He's wanting to end this one fast. BORING!

Slayer tries making a pin

The referee is counting: Oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

The referee is counting: Twooooooooooooooooo

Math kicks out

Slayer then takes a run at Math but quickly gets countered by a DDT

Naneal: Math pops up and stops Slayers fast assault!
Taki: Hopefully he's going to take his time to kick this guy's head in.

Math waits for Slayer to get back up before hitting a mule kick and a quick head butt knocking Slayer down

Taki: Okay, so I'll let fast action pass if it means someone gets hit in the groin first.

Math quickly makes a tag to Devon which then runs and hits Slayer with a knee stomp and a elbow drop

Naneal: Nice tag as Devon lays in some shots as The Slayer remains on the mat.

Devon picks Slayer up and throws him into the turnbuckle

and Devon then hits Slayer with a stinger splash and 10 punches at turnbuckle


Devon pulls away and lets The Slayer walk from the turnbuckle, readying for another move

Slayer anticipates it and hits Devon with a standing clothesline

and makes a tag to Dracule

Dracule throws Devon against the ropes

Dracule Mihawk waits for the running adversary
and hits him with both the fists performing a Polish Hammer on Devon

Taki: Polish Hammer! TO THE FACE!

Dracule Mihawk tries a pinning maneuver

Referee starts counting...

The referee is counting: Oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

The referee is counting: Twooooooooooooooooo

Devon kicks out

Dracule Mihawk picks up Devon from the mat and throws him against the turnbuckle

Naneal: Dracule Mihawk putting Devon against the turnbuckle and lifting him to the top rope...
Taki: Oh boy! Hope this is gonna be good!

Dracule Mihawk slides under Devon and starts lifting Devon up and up as he goes to the top rope!

Taki: This IS gonna be good!

Dracule Mihawk falls foward with Devon in a powerbomb position hitting a Super Powerbomb!!!

Taki: OoOoOoOoOhHhHhHhHh YeEeEeEeAaAaAhHhHh...
Naneal: Calm down Taki, it... it was kind of cool.

Dracule hits Devon with a knee drop to the face for added measure.

Dracule then picks up Devon and hits him with an Air Raid Siren

Dracule Mihawk takes his time as he watches Devon get up before striking Devon's leg with a Low Dropkick

Dracule makes a tag to the Slayer

The Slayer looks at Devon as Devon tries to get up on his knees, a confident grin on his face

The Slayer hits Devon with multiple kicks to the chest before winding back and cracking a shot against Devon's head with a Modified Kicking Combination

Naneal: Devon goes down and it looks like he's been cut too.
Taki: Ha ha! Yes! Top rope powerbombs and blood! That's two off my checklist on what makes a great match!

The Slayer knocks Math off the apron, feeling overly confident he begins mocking Math.

Devon gets up and spins Slayer around
Devon leaps up to attempt a dragonrana, but The Slayer throws him off.

Devon is thrown out of the ring alongside Math.

War Pickle and Jwana Dai quickly come out of the audience

and hits Slayer with a chair

Taki: OH COME ON! After all of this fast action, this is what I get! Worst match! Worst match ever!

The referee calls for the bell for the Disqualification.

The winners are Devon and Math!

War Pickle and Jwana Dai continue their attack on The Slayer when Dracule Mihawk attempts to stop them.

Jwana Dai swings his chair into Dracule Mihawk's midsection and War Pickle strikes his chair against Dracule Mihawk's back.

(NOTE: Instead of the match being done so quickly, use TWG's match descriptions to make the action more spaced out instead of just going 'and this guy does this, this, this and then this.)

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Re: The Slayer and Dracule Mihawk vs. Math and Devon Bin Cole in a Tag Team match

Post by Sephira on Mon Dec 05, 2016 1:49 am

Moved to Wednesday as A. Your Character is Jasper but you used Slayer and confused us

Maths is in a One Fall so it wouldn't make a lot of sense for him to be in 2 matches...
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