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Neptunia XI: #Log 622

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Neptunia XI: #Log 622

Post by Sephira on Fri Dec 02, 2016 9:35 pm

Event Log: 622.

I am Neptune. I am the founder of Telsa Corporation, the leading developer and manufacturer in Artificial Intelligence, Weaponry and Cybernetic Enhancers. I am soon to become a Cyborg.

Once Human like everyone else, I lost my right to be a "Human" in A.E 6 after an accident an Emotion Core Generator 2231. Most of my body was Destroyed. I still remember it to this day, the screaming, the horror of the look in peoples faces as what was left of me was carried through the streets back to HQ. How I survived, I do not know. I don't think anyone knows. Am I lucky to be alive? Maybe.

I have spent 10 Years... 10 YEARS hooked to a life machine as Scientists worked and worked to advance our technology to the point that I could be reborn. Can you imagine trying to... insert someone into a machine and they be just like they where before, but with mechanical parts, a mechanical heart?

Thankfully due to the advancement of my company's technology and the genius of our scientists, we came about the process of inserting Chips to the Human Brain, but the process required dangerous surgery with only a 5% Chance to live. I will be the first, I am already dead and I have nothing to lose, save only Neptunia XI.

Each day I only live only through the care of Telsa Corporation and Neptunia XI, if I should die during the process of being "Rebuilt" I want the transaction into funding Industrial Evolution Wrestling to go forward without me and Neptunia XI along with other Models to be entered into the ring.

Our A.I manufacturing may never be perfect but there will always be a use for these machines, be it as Weapons, as House Keepers, as Constructors or soon, to be Wrestlers and Sport Entertainers.

The World was never the same after the War, I am at Peace knowing we did all we could to help the recovery and finally crack the key to using a new resource that today gives our A.I real life.

Cybernetic Industrial Evolution will be the first true bonding of Man and Machine, I hope one day I will wake to see it.


In A.E 6, Neptune along with a handful of Officials traveled to the site of Emotion Core Generator 2231. Only 1 returned. Eloxi V was never found. Emotion Core Generator 2231 was no more.

~Add RP of Neptunia XI watching the Log and Motor Ted~
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