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Flashback of the Past

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Flashback of the Past

Post by Blossom on Sat Dec 03, 2016 8:35 am


It was an early evening. After finishing her first job of working in the supermarket, Mia took the bus, heading for to her next job. Everyone, everything, everywhere sounded, smelt, looked normal. She proceeded to her work, in her usual manner. Greeted by the security guard. Greeted by the waiters and barmen. Greeted by her co-workers. Walking to her changing room, she noticed a young man sat on his phone however she disregarded this and continued to her changing room. One by one, off came Mia's clothes; until she was undressed to only her bikini. Lethargically, she exited her changing room and back into the big hall, full of exotic dancers and men - who seemed tired. Having given the instruction to dance on stage, Mia began to dance. A stack of $20 came flying at her - instead of subverting to her human instinct and picking up the money - she continued dancing, eyeing the young man, glaring at him. A series of claps were heard and shouts from the crowd.

Crowd: "Beautiful dancing ladies!" "Yeah yah!" "Can you come visit me at home sometime?" "You're so sexy"

A blushing Mia makes her way to this young gentleman who glares up to her.

Mia: "You seem distracted on this damn phone. Would you like to go somewhere more private?"

Young Gentleman: "I'm sorry, you don't look like someone I can spend my time with. You see my time? It's precious, I cannot afford to lose or waste it on a girl like you.

Mia: "I can guarantee you that, I'm not a waste of your time. I mean, look at me. Do I look like any of the other girls out there? I only do this job to feed my childr-"

Young Gentleman: "Blah, blah and blah. You're going to have to do a lot more than giving me such a crappy and sympathetic story."

Mia changes her stance and bends over - whilst doing this she licks her lips and grabs the tie of this young man.

Mia: "Are you sure this is not enough?"

Young Gentleman: "You're going to have to do more."

The young gentleman's smile meets with Mia's facial expression of disgust. Mia uses her finger to trickle down the chest of this young man. However, Mia recognises a bulge in the young man's downstairs. She smirks and takes advantage of this fact - stroking this man's leg in addition to his chest.

Mia: "Hey baby, you're looking sexy today"

The size of his bulge increases as if he has an awaiting flood, that releases water at her sexual gestures.

Mia: "Please, please?"

Young Gentleman: "Sure. You have not fully convinced me though, bear that in mind."

As Mia turns around and heads for the VIP room, the young gentleman yanks his phone up again and texts someone called 'CLIENT'. An alert sounds before the man puts his phone away, following Mia. The VIP room is a large booth, with a clothing hanger and a chair. Mia heads to the hooks and begins to disrobe herself. Whilst disrobing herself, the young gentleman brings out a chain from the inside pockets of his jacket. The chain was a metal one. A thick one. A huge one. Stealthily, he hooks the chain over Mia's head and around her neck. He pulls the chain with as much strength, clout as he can. A struggling Mia gasps for breath.

Mia: in her mind "Oh God, no! What a mistake, I have made! Everyone told me not to take this job, but I still did. Please, please, please forgive me God! I know that I wasn't a devout Christian but I will be!"

Flashes of memories appear - a memory of the birth of her youngest son. The death of her father. The messy divorce between her and her husban- Until, boom.

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