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TerribleT vs. RubenWan

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TerribleT vs. RubenWan

Post by Ayari on Sun Dec 04, 2016 1:55 am

The referee waits for both combatants to enter the ring. Then signals for the bell. Ding, Ding, Ding!!!

Terrible T and Ruben Wan lock up, the match is underway; Ruben uses leverage and places T in a wrist lock, wrenching down on Terrible T’s arm. Ruben continues to apply pressure on the wrist lock twisting the arm.

Terrible T uses his weight advantage and performs a standing clothesline breaking the armlock and knocking Ruben onto his back.

Taki: Big man using his weight to gain the advantage there.
Naneal: Ruben will need to look for another way to attack Terrible T.

Ruben uses a series of kicks to the back of Terrible T’s legs, bringing him to his knees.

Furiously, Terrible T crawls off to the corner complaining to the ref.

Terrible T: Hey he can’t do that ref! What’s the big idea!

The crowd boo’s Terrible T’s cowardice and begins to chant for Ruben. Ruben now standing soaks in the adulation.

Ruben Wan: Well your name fits, you really are terrible!

Infuriated by Ruben’s words. Terrible T charges towards Ruben, knocking him on the ground via Lou Thesz Press, a flurry of punches rain down on Rubens head. 

Terrible T stands up and stomps on Rubens hand, Ruben screams in pain. Terrible T raises his hand and smirks to the crowd.

Terrible T: Who’s talking smack now!?! That’s right, ME!

The crowd boos at the classless act

Taki: I like this guy! Emphasis on like, I wouldn't want to get in between you and him Naneal.
Naneal: What?! I wouldn't be caught dead with him!

Terrible T stomps on Rubens hand again, then grabs Rubens hair forcing him to his feet; Terrible T then performs a headbutt. Still holding Ruben’s hair, Terrible T bites Ruben forehead.

The referee breaks up the two combatants, giving T a warning.

All the while 

Ruben smiles at T and motions him to bring it on. The two lock up in a collar and elbow tie up.

Ruben performs another wrist lock on his opponent slowly walking backwards, towards the corner where Ruben Wan climbs up onto the top rope executing an old school on T.

Taki: Hey! He was using the ropes ref! Where was the count!
Naneal: Ruben using his know-how to keep the momentum in his favor there.

Ruben Irish whips Terrible T into the corner, then runs towards T with a running knee to the face

Ruben grabs his opponents head and performs a bulldog. Terrible T is disoriented and tossing and turning on the mat.

Ruben Wan: Are you learning anything yet old man! 

Ruben grabs Terrible T's leg and sits on Terrible T’s back.
Terrible T avoids Rubens Argentine leg lock and takes the initiative.

Naneal: Ruben did all he can to knock Terrible T down, but now the big man is back up.
Taki: Terrible T is gonna crush Ruben like the bug he is!

Terrible T grabs the head of the downed opponent in front of himself with both hands and raises him, hurling him face on the ground with a two handed face buster. Ruben begins to bleed from his forehead.

Taki: There's my favorite color!

Terrible T rolls out of the ring, looks under the apron and finds a folded steel chair and tosses it into the ring. He also grabs a garbage can, empties it and tosses it into the ring. All the while smirking as if he enjoys watching the blood drip from Ruben’s forehead. 

Naneal: Wait a minute, this isn't no DQ. T is looking to do damage and not according to the rules.
Taki: Ha ha! Yes! Break him!

As Terrible T climbs back onto the apron, Ruben runs to meet T; grabbing his opponents head, Ruben Wan drops to his knees. Terrible T’s throat connects with the top rope as Ruben lets go of his head, the top rope performing a stungun.

Terrible T falls backwards landing on the guard rail.

Naneal: Oh! That's not good!

Ruben bounces off the ropes and launches himself between the ropes performing a spear, both men collapse onto the floor.

The crowd is on their feet as both men slowly stand up and begin to trade blows; a punch for a punch… a chop for a chop. Each wrestler trying to find an advantage over the other.

Ruben spots an opening and performs his signature Ruben Uraken; the punch lands squarely on Terrible T’s jaw.

Ruben grabs T by his beard bringing him to the ring post and begins to smash Terrible T’s face into warm steel… once, twice, three times then rolls him into the ring.

Taki: Well, that was fun while it lasted.
Naneal: Finally, Ruben is ready to bring back order to the match.

Ruben climbs to the top rope jumps off performing an elbow smash to Terrible T’s face. Blood begins to gush out of Terrible T’s nose.

Taki: Ruben has some blood on him and T's now bleeding as well.

Ruben goes for the pin.

The referee and the crowd begin to count; one… two… thr- Terrible T lifts his shoulder; the match continues.

Ruben drags Terrible T to his feet performing his second signature move of the night Ruben’s Uraken, knocking Terrible T back. Ruben senses his opponent is on his last legs Ruben goes in for the kill.

As Ruben Wan walks towards Terrible T; outta nowhere Terrible T pushes the ref down and connects a kick to Ruben Wan’s groin.

Naneal: Oh COME ON!
Taki: Hah Hah Hah Hah! You got this T!

While Ruben is stunned, Terrible T does a running DDT knocking Ruben to the ground.

Sensing an opportunity to prove himself to the demoness. Terrible T applies the Cattle Catch onto Ruben Wan.

Terrible T: Where’s Peter Pan now, huh Wendy!?! There ain't any lost boys around (maniacal laugh)

While holding Ruben Wan in the cattle catch, Terrible T begins to elbow Ruben repeatedly in the liver.

Terrible T: Whadya say Wendy? Go back to Neverland TAP!!!

Terrible T puts additional pressure and holds the Cattle Catch

Terrible T: C’MON Wendy its Past your bedtime… TAP!!

Ruben collected his strength in a last ditch attempt to escape the Cattle Catch.

Ruben used his legs and pushed him and Terrible T outside of the ring. The counter worked Ruben was out of the Catch.

Naneal: Ruben holding it out and keeping himself in the match.
Taki: And the ref is back up now... joy...

Ruben hits Terrible T's face with a Hook Punch.

Ruben Wan: That was Captain Hook!!!

Then he climbed back into the ring again, and grabbed the steel chair. Contrary to the public's expectations, Ruben didn't throw it at the other wrestler.

Terrible T climbs back into the ring. Seeing his armed opponent, pauses.

Ruben then executes his plan. Using the chair as a golf club he swings and hits the garbage can near him. The metallic sound was soon followed by the softened sound of the can striking Terrible's stout body, Terrible T drops to his knees.

Ruben Wan: And that's Tinker Bell!!

Taki: Wait! Is that a DQ?
Naneal: That wasn't a direct attack, the referee is allowing it!

Ruben goes in with a vengeance and begins to backhand chop Terrible T’s torso again and again until gravity takes its toll on Terrible T and flops onto the garbage can.

Ruben runs the ropes and connects with an elbow drop onto T's back, the force crushes the garbage can. Ruben stands up raises his hand in victory, lowers his hand then grabbing Terrible T's legs locks in a Boston Crab. Terrible howls in pain.

Ruben Wan: I thought this would get your attention; what do you say you be a gentleman and give up now?

Terrible T: You think I'm done? HAAAARRGGHH!!! This is only starting to get good. Did I mention I do Yoga?

Ruben Wan shocked by that response releases some of the pressure of the hold.

Ruben Wan: Yoga?!? I thought you were some drunk asshole?!?

Terrible T: Who said I was drunk?!? furthermore junior... Variety is the spice of life. Watch THIS!

Terrible T twists and contorts his body in order to reach upwards and backwards grabbing onto Ruben's jaw, then using physics the two competitors begin rolling around the ring like a giant tire. Each man refusing to let go partly out of pride... partly out of fear. The two gladiators run into the referee and then over the referee knocking him out cold.

Nanael: Uh oh, not again.

Due to hitting the referee the tire is broken... Ruben releases T's legs while T flips over his opponent hitting the top rope with his torso. The tension from the ropes and physics launches T into air... dragging his opponent up with him. When the two men fall to the ring Ruben in positions himself in a way to execute one of the most conveluted snap powerbombs you've ever seen.

The crowd is stunned at what they are seeing.

As the two men hit the mat both are knocked unconscious, however Ruben has Terrible's shoulders pinned.

Taki: Uhh... what did we just see?
Naneal: Ruben has the cover, but the referee is still down. Wait! Here comes a second official!

The second ref starts the count... ONE, TWO..... THREE!!! The bell rings the match is over. Ruben Wan has won the match.

Naneal: Despite Terrible T's attempts to bend the rules in his favor, Ruben Wan gets the win!

Lilynette stands at the entryway of the ramp and gives a slow golf clap at the match that has occurred.

Lilynette: Bravo, gentleman. Enjoy your rest. You'll need it for the rematch. Now get out of my ring.

As both men are dragged out of the ring by the demon guards, both men have a smile on their face.

Taki: Rematch? YES. GIVE!

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