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Hollow's Introduction

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Hollow's Introduction

Post by Hollow on Sun Dec 04, 2016 6:30 am

Hollow sitting alone, thinking of where he is…

Hollow: What is this...where am I...this place is purely evil...what my ambitions were...what I wanted to become...all gone...That Queen, that freaking Queen ruined my life, brought me here in this hell…

Lilynette: Tell me, are you talking about me?

Hollow: Yes, you, you're the reason I'm here in this hell...tell me why did you did this to me!

Lilynette: You were not of my concern, you're just a mistake that got brought here

Hollow: Mistake? You call this a Mistake!? I'll show you what your MISTAKE can do! I'll show all others how this Mistake can ruin them! I'm coming for you, I'm coming for you all!

Lilynette: You're not strong enough to be here, you'll not last even a minutes with my better fighters, they'll crush you like to bug you are!

Hollow: Even if I don't stand a chance against them, I'll always find a way to win, even if you're there in the ring on the other side I WILL WIN!

Lilynette: Oh, we will see…!

As Lilynette leaves the room, Hollow burns in the anger trying to find out the way to survive and plan a strategy, after that conversation an evil temptation got raised in his mind…

Hollow: I need to do something...I need a plan, an effective plan! If I want to get out of here there's only one way and that's defeating all others and winning...I need a strategy...a good strategy…

Hollow: Wait a minute, if just winning here can conclude bonuses then why focusing on surviving only...I can use my brains instead of just physical attacks...yes! I can and I will, I can build a strategy better than anyone, and except this, I need to show the Queen what a mistake can do…there’s a storm coming in Hell, beware!

*Hollow does an Evil Laugh*

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