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Revealing the steel cage

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Revealing the steel cage

Post by Ayari on Mon Dec 05, 2016 2:52 am

The whole arena goes silent in anticipation. A faint cranking sound can be heard. It starts getting louder and louder. The spectators can feel the ground moving, shaking. A crack begins to show in the middle of the arena floor. It has a star like shape.

Slowly the ground of the arena starts retreating into the arenas walls. A glow radiates from underneath. A wave of heat splashes against the arena population.

Slowly one can see what is underneath: A giant pool of molten steel. A couple of large structures and machines can be seen, but they are too far below as to make out what exactly they are.

A web of steel cables attached to pulleys starts moving in sequence. A boxed shape appears to come closer towards the middle of the arena.

Soon spectators can make out what it is exactly: A steel cage, complete with all necessary equipment for a match. It still slightly glows from the heat of the molten pool below.

It settles into place in the middle of the arena, held up only by a couple of steel cables. It is quite a magnificent sight to behold seeing the cage lightly suspended above the pool of molten steel.

As it stops moving, a bridge extends from the side of the arena and the cage's door opens.

Everything is ready for the upcoming match.
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