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Vicious Wolf and a meal interrupted.

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Vicious Wolf and a meal interrupted.

Post by Vicious Wolf on Fri May 31, 2013 12:38 pm

In a dark forest a lone deer is seen, having strayed from its herd. The animal nibbles away at some vegetation unaware of the danger .The predator hunting it would not allow itself to be detected so early in the hunt. The hunter looks like a normal human from a distance but as the view closes some differences appear for example the razor sharp bared teeth.

Vicious Wolf ( into mind): Ok I got us this close now it is your turn my friend, I don't want to go another week without a meal so you better make this a good hunt, no playing with our food like the last time. You got so focused on the thrill of the chase you did not notice the hunter with the semi automatic rifle. Good luck.

Vicious Wolf then crouches down more using his hands like legs to balance his weight more looking all the more predatory.He stalks forward more moving silently keeping downwind and out of the sight of his prey, The hunger was building in his stomach and he could smell the fresh meat in front of his eyes and he wanted it so badly.

Inner Wolf( into mind): HeHe you think just because you have the smarts to get us here and track this thing that every failed hunt is my fault, just remember who has the killing instinct here.Everytime you try to finish the hunt you overthink it and lose the prey. I will do my job don't you worry my weaker side!

Wolf continues to stalk the deer to within 10 feet of it , the animal clearly has started to sense a difference in the air.Wolf prepares his legs building as much tension as he can and then like a bullet takes off, the deer is startled and moves a little too slow to escape.This allows Wolf to get a grip on the creatures flanks weighing the creature down.Wolf then moves carefully without letting go of the struggling beast he maneuvers to under its neck and bites down using his strong canines to keep the grip.With a quick sweep of the front legs Wolf knocks the creature down he puts his body over it whilst holding its neck and after ten minutes of struggling the Deer suffocates. Wolf carefully removes his jaws and then focuses on the midsection wasting no time on cooking, after nearly two weeks without food he can no longer wait. Having the beasts blood leaking slowly down his throat whilst not being able to eat it was like torture.And it wore his patience thin.

After twenty minutes of non-stop eating Vicious Wolf takes control again and smiles lips still dripping with blood. But as he is about to go back to eating he notices a portal appear in front of him.He decides it would be better to finish his hard earned meal and then examine this door to another space.However the portals master has other ideas and gets impatient waiting prompting the half eaten carcass to be sucked through the portal. Vicious Wolf is more annoyed than angry as he was planning on going through anyway.He sniffs at the small rip between realities that just stole his dinner from him.

Vicious Wolf: I feel like I recognise this smell, it smells like home, a sick and twisted home that no sane person would ever go to from such a idyllic place as this.

Inner Wolf:So we are going through right?

Vicious Wolf : Damn right we are after all I am no sane person, I am Vicious Wolf, Half Demon and future scourge off all humans on this planet. I shall venture forth and find a way to gain the powers that will meet my goal. And if I get to cause a bit of pain on the way to that goal all the better!

Vicious Wolf steps through the portal into the unknown, but what does he find on the other side, read the next part to find out !...

Vicious Wolf

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Re: Vicious Wolf and a meal interrupted.

Post by Guest on Fri May 31, 2013 5:33 pm

i like your rp man nice keep up the good work but it totally hurts my eyes to read it


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