Queen's Blade Championship
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Lilynette's Unanswered Message

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Lilynette's Unanswered Message

Post by The Mark on Thu Dec 08, 2016 5:24 am

Lilynette is busy with her routine, careful in her steps to make sure everything is just suited to her needs and desires. She finds it so easy to get whatever she requires with a simple hand motion or just a glare to the right guard. For her, the title of queen isn't just a title, but an earned privilege.

A female guard, backed by two others approached Lilynette.

Guard: Your Highness?

Lilynette gives a glance at the female guard before waving off her servants.

Lilynette: This had best be important. I require as much attention to this show as I expect my servants to show me.

The guard reveals a knife with an 'M' embedded in the hilt.

Guard: We found this on Ruben Wan. He began explaining a story about a person hiding in the shadows of the arena. This may coincide with our reports of finding fallen guards while they were on patrol.

Lilynette holds the knife, a bored look on her face before her thumb rubs over the 'M'. Her eyebrow raises and feels over it again. She looks at the symbol closely before snapping her fingers for someone to hand her a source of light.

As the light is brought in, the symbol shudders and then vanishes.

Lilynette: Ruben Wan has not shown any proficiency in this weapon or in creating that symbol.

Guard: Yes. He was saying that it belongs to someone calling themselves The Mark.

Lilynette keeps rubbing over where the 'M' once was, still trying to understand where this power could've originated.

Lilynette: Find this mystery man. He will have a match tonight. I will see what he can do.

The guards look to each other before they all leave, Lilynette now looking at the blade itself.
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