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Balrog's chamber -Someone messing with ancient powers.

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Balrog's chamber -Someone messing with ancient powers.

Post by Guest on Fri May 31, 2013 9:32 pm

Camera shows Darkness everywhere and a sound of screaming is heard
Balrog torturing a guard, he got him raised high in the air by the neck with one of his hand (with the second hand on his stomach as he hands are chained with shackles) and squeezing it.

Balrog: How dare you come in my chamber? How dare to even stand in front of me without even bowing? Don't you don't know who I am? I m the King of all Demons "Balrog".

Guard: Ba...ba...but its the Queen.

Balrog: (Interrupts) Shut up. Don't talk him the master here.
At that instant 2 more guard came there.

Balrog seemed to infuriated with their presence in his chamber

Balrog: This is my chamber, not a common hall.
Throws the raised guard with one of his hands on to one of the 2 guards that just came in. he throwed him with so much power that they both collide and fall unconscious. Moves towards the 3rd guard to hit him.

Guard: (get on his knees) have mercy.... have mercy my king.

Balrog: (Gives a short demonic laugh) Now thats how to address a King. Now tell me why you here for? Be quick don't you know its my rest time.

Guard: Th..the...queen...she has sent us for you.

Balrog: Now what do she want now. Always disturbing me all the time(eyes go buring). Tell her i m not coming.

Guard: But.. my..king..

Balrog: (interrupts) Shut up (grabs the neck of the guard and raise him in the air) You don't need to tell me what to you.

(Sound of thunder is heard and through the window seems a storm is coming lot of wormholes are seen and lighting everywhere)

Balrog: (drops the guard and a bit worried) What the hell... Why are these portals open? (to guard) who opened the portals? I better go and inform the queen. (moves out of his chamber and turns back) and you (guard look a bit worried at Balrog) Yes...You...clear this mess before i get back or you will have the same fate as them.

Guard nodes in positive and camera shows Balrog walking away from guard and fads

Next part to be edited by lily

Balrog walking through the corridors and enter the throne room
Balrog: (bows unwillingly) My queen.
Lilynethe: (Raise his hand) Arise. Why you here?
Balrog: The portals are opened and i sense many souls have passed from there worlds to here. There is someone messing with the ancient powers. You know anything about this?
Lilynethe: (calmly) I know i made them come here. I was a bit bored so now there would be warriors of all races in my arena so more blood and chaos.
Balrog: (shockingly) What but they cant just come here like that they can cause trouble around the realm.
Lilynethe: I m fully aware of this and there will be no harm to the realm as they will be my slaves before they even know where they are.
Balrog: But how are you going to do that?
Lilynethe: (gives an evil laugh) Not me, You will go and get them here for me. Now be gone.

Balrog: (angrily) Yes. (walks out)


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