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In ring segment Magnum/Lilynette before match with Dracor

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In ring segment Magnum/Lilynette before match with Dracor

Post by @Magnum on Mon Jun 17, 2013 1:05 am

* “Youngin’ on his Grind” begins to play in the arena (Crowd is booing intensely from what they just witnessed backstage) as Magnum makes his way onto the entrance ramp and starts walking towards the ring with both arms bandaged up and his head bandaged with a big smile on his face and a mic in his hand *
Nanael: Not a surprising reaction from the crowd here. What he did to that poor kid backstage is just, it’s just * Airi cuts Nanael off *
Airi: It was just amazing Nanael. That was so great to watch, quality entertainment at it’s finest. Hopefully that little twerp is gone for good and I won’t have to see his face or hear his voice ever again.
Nanael: No matter how you or I feel about it Aono was supposed to be Magnum’s opponent tonight so I wonder what Magnum has to say. He is still somewhat injured from his battle with the Queen last week as you can see from all the tape and bandages wrapped around parts of his body.
Airi: Magnum is a great wrestler with a tremendous amount of fight in him.  I don’t believe anyone here in the QBC could do what he did with the Queen last week.
Nanael: I agree with you Airi. Let’s hear what Magnum has to say.
* Magnum puts the mic to his mouth as the whole crowd is chanting, “you suck” “you suck” *
Nanael: Wow is it electric in the arena tonight.
Airi: No kidding, Magnum is out here.
Magnum: As you all witnessed before * Magnum stops due to the crowd booing over him * would you people let me speak? * The crowd continues to boo louder *
Airi: Would these morons let the guy speak?
Magnum: SHUT THE HELL UP!!! * Crowd chants of “you suck” start up again *
Magnum: You can chant that all you want * pauses and looks around the crowd * but the truth is I don’t. Last week I had one of my best matches ever with someone who is a powerful evil demon, something I have never faced before.
Nanael: I believe he is talking about our Queen.
Airi: No really Nanael? Jeez your stupidity sometimes really pisses me off.
Magnum: That witch cheated, she cheated with some magic or something because I had that match won in a second and then the next my ass is getting beat in with a damn BARB WIRED BAT. * Crowd cheers after hearing that statement *
Nanael: I don’t think calling our Queen a witch is going to go well over with her.
Airi: Well for once I agree with you but it is true in a way.
Magnum: I’m not out here to bitch about it though, nope not at all. I’m out here because I WANT MY DAMN REMATCH!! * Crowd erupts with cheers and chants of yes *
Magnum: I see you idiots want to see a rematch too. You see where I come from when someone wins via cheating it usually doesn’t end well for the cheater. * In a dark sadistic voice * Well it won’t end well for the Queen the next time she gets into the ring with me. Oh you can bet on that!
Magnum: As you all witnessed earlier I took care of my scheduled opponent for this evening to make room to face the Queen. * Pauses and Laughs * Well I destroyed my opponent now its time to destroy the Queen.
* Crowd begins to boo Magnum. Magnum just smiles at the crowd*
Nanael: Airi these are strong words coming out of the mouth of Magnum. I think he will regret it.
Airi: As much as I love and respect our Queen I believe in a way she might like Magnum.
Nanael: How so Airi?
Airi: QBC is all about brutality and Magnum definitely brings that and an attitude that says No one is stopping me from being number one. He will take out anyone in his path as we all saw earlier when he took care of that little creep and now he wants to take out our Queen. I don’t know it it’s smart what he is saying and doing right now because as we all know the Queen is unpredictable.
Magnum: Queen Lilynette I am asking * pauses for a moment * No I am DEMANING A REMATCH TONIGHT!!  
* Crowd cheers as the lights go dark in the arena. Queen Lilynette’s music is played. When the lights come back on the Queen is face to face with Magnum in the middle of the ring with two guards by her side *
Nanael: Well folks he wanted her and here she is, our Queen Lilynette.
* Airi stands up and begins to clap to show her respect for the Queen before sitting back down and turning to Nanael *
Airi: Are you crazy Nanael why didn’t you get up to clap for the Queen.
Nanael: I didn’t know I had to every time she makes an appearance. 
* The crowd begins to grow silent in anticipation on hearing what the Queen will say. The Queen is handed a mic *
Queen Lilynette: Magnum I enjoyed watching what you did to Aono backstage. I mean come on that was some great stuff, but what I don’t enjoy is you coming out here and talking nonsense about the QUEEN OF THIS REALM.
* Crowd cheers as Magnum stands there with a smirk on his face *
Queen Lilynette: I am the Queen around here and there was no way I was going to lose to you. But I do see much potential in you which I like and I believe you will be one of my top warriors here which is why you will not be receiving a rematch with me tonight or any other night. * The crowd boos* SILENCE!
Magnum: I’m glad you see potential in me and I am overjoyed with the thoughts of being one of your top warriors but that doesn’t change the fact that you and I aren’t done. You won round one there will be a round two * pauses * Oh you can bet on that!
Queen Lilynette: No Magnum our rematch is not happening and that is the end of that. But since you are in the ring right now and you do have a scheduled match I have an opponent for you. Your opponent tonight is someone who is looking to prove himself here in the QBC and he is in the same championship bracket as yourself.
Magnum: I don’t care who it is I will beat down on any jackass you give me to fight.
Queen Lilynette: Well I am very glad to hear that. Your opponent is Damian Dracor.
* The arena turns dark again. When the lights go back on the Queen is gone and Magnum is left standing in the ring with mic in hand *
Magnum: Lilynette this thing between us is not over. I will not stop until I beat you because that day will come no matter when it is I will be ready.  Now bring out my opponent so I can welcome him to Magnum’s hell. By the way you may all Comment as you see fit.  * The crowd boos as the cameras go back to focus on Airi and Nanael *
Airi: That was awesome. Not only did our Queen make an appearance she just made a great match in which of course Magnum will show off his amazing skills. I hope he does to this fool Damian what he did to Aono earlier.
Nanael: That is correct Magnum will still have a match tonight against newcomer Damian Dracor. Airi what do you think of what just happened with the Queen and Magnum.
Airi: It doesn’t matter what I think it is what I know and that is the Queen is the mightiest in all of this realm and Magnum is making his way up there. He won’t reach the Queen but he will be up there one day soon. He is a champion in the making and will be one of the Queen’s favorites.
Nanael: Damian Dracor vs. Magnum coming up next.

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