Queen's Blade Championship
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A Call for Revolution

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A Call for Revolution

Post by The Mark on Tue Aug 20, 2013 9:06 am

Ring Announcer: Here are your winners, Laura Kinney and The Mark!

Sakuya's ears seem to twitch as she hears the announcement, her beatdown of The Mark being stopped.

The referee raises the hand of Laura as she stumbles for a few moments.

Sigui: I'm in shock! They did it!

Taki: Of course they did it! They said this was going to be a tag match, and they separated Sakuya from her partner!

Sakuya is in disbelief as 'Killer Instinct 3 - Theme' begins to play.

She pulls off of The Mark and goes to attack Laura, but is halted by Airi.

Airi grabs a baseball bat
and hits Sakuya executing a Fantastic baseball bat shot!

Sigui: Airi just bashed Sakuya in the head!

Sakuya goes limp for a moment as Laura gets out of the ring.

Helping The Mark up, the trio walk up the ramp backwards, looking back at Sakuya and Lilith Dragon as they both look back in anger and disbelief.

The Mark raises both Laura's and Airi's hands as both of them look on each other with love.

Sakuya finally snaps, grabbing the bat that was used on her.

Sakuya grabs a baseball bat
and hits Lilith Dragon executing a Invincible baseball bat shot!

Sakuya then gets out of the ring and bangs the bat onto the announcer's table and throws it towards the timekeeper's box.

Taki: Woah! Whoa! Whoa!
Sigui: We need to get out of here!

Sigui and Taki remove their headsets and try to distance themselves from Sakuya.

She continues her fit, ripping the ring cloth at ringside and gouging her fingernails into her face.

She remains still as the queen's guard approach her.

Before she can be apprehended, Sakuya sprints to the back, leaving the guards stunned and confused on what to do.
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