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Xalvador's interview (open to editing from Drake, if he wants)

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Xalvador's interview (open to editing from Drake, if he wants)

Post by Athenis on Wed Aug 21, 2013 12:49 pm

Xalvador is spotted being escorted back to his cell, when Sakaki rushes up to him.

Sakaki: Xalvador, Xal, can i get a word with you?

Sakaki manages to catch up to Xalvador who has a smile on his face after his recent win.

Xalvador: I suppose i have nothing better to do really. Go ahead sir. May i get your name though?

Sakaki: My name is Sakaki, and im the guy who holds the interviews here in QBC. Moving on though, why did you come out and issue a challenge to your opponent tonight?

Xalvador: Well Sakaki, it was a matter of right place at the right time. I have a certain hole that weighs heavy on my heart since i have been brought here. No longer having the freedom to hunt demons i figured making the best of my situation is better then throwing a raged filled temper tantrum.

Sakaki: And your first win here in QBC, how does it feel?

Xalvador: Bah, a mere beginning of many wins to come here.As i said i have nothing better to do so i will make the best of this situation ive been cast into. Ha, i will be a force here as long as i am in this fowl place. Xalvador laughs,No matter how bad it is, or it is claimed to be, i will continue to fight and do what is asked of me.

Sakaki: Well since i got you here can we get a better insight into who Xalvador is? Who is Xalvador Leinhart?

Xalvador: Meh, its very simple. I am a demon hunter, but now that i have had my hand forced, i am a fighter. I will continue to fight until i am freed of this retched place.

Sakaki: And if you are never freed?

Xalvador shoots Sakaki a disturbed evil look before replying

Xalvador: Then i will continue to tear through my competition until i am deemed fit to be freed. Now if you don't mind sir, i wish to be left alone.

Sakaki: Well there you have it fans, a very confident Xalvador seems very content on eventually winning his freedom. Lets take you back to our leaders in the arena. Guys?

The camera turns back to the next segment, while Xalvador is put back in his cell


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