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The Big Hurt's Awakening

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The Big Hurt's Awakening

Post by Biggie Smalls on Wed Nov 06, 2013 12:49 pm

All is dark, nothing can be seen except for a man can be seen in the distance. The view gets closer and closer slowly.

???: All was well when I was left alone, No distractions, no interruptions, nothing...

The view keeps creeping closer but the man is not recognizable, because his face is being covered up with a hood. The view is right up next to the man now, spinning around him.

???: But now, you all are distracting me. Not just one particular person, everyone... I walk around, and people can not leave me alone. The only way for them to leave me alone is to get them out of the way. But they keep on following me, not letting me be free. No one is free, Not even me.

When he says this the hood drops from his head, revealing the face of The Big Hurt. There is blood stains on his face and arms, scars from many battles and scrufs with other people.

The Big Hurt: That is why I am here, to be free. The only way I can free my mind and soul is to let out all of my pain..

The Big Hurt is looking at his scars and marks on his arm, feeling them softly.

The Big Hurt: And to take this pain... and give it...

The Big Hurt looks straight forward with a deathly stare

The Big Hurt: To you...

The Big Hurt Disappears into the vast darkness

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