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New Erotica Draft

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New Erotica Draft

Post by Sephira on Mon Apr 27, 2015 3:09 am

“Hmm, you smell so divine Azuray, I could just eat you...” Emelia let's out with a pitched sigh, her eyes fixated up towards Azuray's chest as she nuzzles her nose against her stomach. “P-p-please be gentle Emelia...” Azuray gasps. Emelia simply lets out a light chuckle before lifting her nose off Azuray's stomach and tilts her head, her Jaw now resting lightly against Azuray's stomach. As she looks up, makes a delighted sigh, her lips slowly spreading wider to create a sadistic, yet innocent smile, sending a shudder down Azuray's spine. “I-I don't like it when you look at me like that!” Azuray let's out with a stuttered yet bold tone. “Awww, poor little Azuray, bound and at my mercy… You're my toy now...” Emelia let's out why a sly, sarcastic yet light tone as she lifts her jaw from Azuray's stomach and begins to pull herself up.

“You couldn't even stop me, even if you didn't have those… ropes, pressed against your wrists...” Emelia purrs, as she slowly pulls herself up the bed that Azuray was seemingly bound to. “As she rises up, Azuray notices Emelia was completely naked, her breasts in their perky, soft glory, moving lightly as Emelia shakes with the bed springs. “Why, oh why did we have to leave you with some modesty… I think these pink Bra and Panties you where left with… should be removed…” Emelia purrs, licking her lips as she looks down towards Azuray's covered chest. “N-no! P-please can we not talk about this!?” Azuray screams out. “Talk? Oh, there is no time for that…” Emelia quickly responds, putting her hand over Azuray's mouth. “But, if you insist on trying to talk… then we're going to have to shut you up for a while.”

With that, Emelia takes her hand off Azuray's mouth, her palm wet with Azuray's saliva. As she holds herself up with one hand, she slowly places her wet palm over her own breast, wetting her nipple with Azuray's saliva and letting out a satisfied sigh. As she removes her palm, Azuray's saliva begins to slowly drip from Emelia's nipple and trickle down her breast. Azuray couldn't help but watch and stare as Emelia takes enjoyment from the feeling, but Emelia quickly takes notice. “Your spit… feels so good… and I see you've taken an interest...” Emelia sighs with a lustful tone to her voice. Before Azuray could object, Emelia quickly dives herself forward and forces her breast into Azuray's mouth. As she caresses her nipple against Azuray's lips, she soon finds a wet, slime like feeling quickly make its way along her breast, tempting her into pushing herself in deeper.

“This… feels… so different…” Emelia whispers with a delighted tone as Azuray engulfs her breast between her lips, slowly sliding her tongue against Emelia's nipple. As she begins to make a light, sucking like motion, Emelia quickly finds her lower body taking on a feeling she's been waiting for all too long, yet, she didn't seem to want to take an indulgence in it. Instead, as Azuray suckles on her breast, Emelia slowly slides reaches up towards Azuray's bound wrist and slowly untangles a rope, freeing up her arm. Quickly, she grabs Azuray's wrist and guides her arm back down to her body. As Azuray's hand slowly draws near to her hips, Emelia's legs trample, almost making her balance topple.

Emelia lets out a pitched giggle as she begins to run her fingers up Azuray's wrist, slowly putting her palms into Azurays and slides her hand to the back of Azuray's knuckles, taking control of not just her hand, but her fingers too. She slowly twists Azuray's hand, so her palm was facing upwards. Emelia slowly pushes Azuray's palm against her stomach, Azuray's fingers pointing down between her legs. Azuray gives no resistance, her attention too focused on Emelia's breast, to the point that she was no lifting her head up to get more into her mouth.
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