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An industry in the future

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An industry in the future Empty An industry in the future

Post by Sephira on Sun Feb 14, 2016 8:57 am


Entry 101.A – Rise of an Industry
An industry in the future, like a rising living root from the dirt of collapsing economies once established in riches and resources. An industry that collapsed after its first chance to make success, ravaged by war to soon become a tool to further it. An industry that like the sharp gaze of the sun above, struck through the world like a magnifying glass into the eye of the public, a gaze that burnt so bright it became the main force that conjured a future of death and decay. However, with time, it became an industry that spoils the mind.

Fruit was once grown on the trees on this industry to ignite the jingle of coin, to later become fruit grown to incite death for the power of one to another, now becomes grown as a fruit for the sexual gratification of others. An industry; one where A.I where used to create your sexual fantasy, one where there were no limits. They became known as ‘Fembots’, short for Female Robots due to being designed specifically to resemble a slim woman and they are produced mainly by a rising Company known as Telsa Corporation, A.I Research Development & Manufacturing, born from the collapsed economy to deliver affordable solutions for the dying human population.

However, not all Fembot models were made to go on to become a civil man or woman's personal sexual toy or solution to stimulation beyond their own means or from the use of others. Many, especially higher quality and specialised units, are kept by the industry, and modified, programmed and then sold on to become the next "Movie Star", cast in films aimed to stimulate others and grow a craving desire to purchase their ownmodel, so they can do to them what is witnessed in these particularly… specialised films. After all, they are nothing more then a machine, crafted on desires, made to do, as others will. It doesn't judge, it doesn't feel nordoes care, so long as it achieves what it is programmed to do. They’re purely produced to fill every sexual desire a human could ever conjure, not matter what that is.

Yet a question becomes for some, if a Fembot neither cares, nor feels for what it does, for whom it does it too, then are they too dangerous? With humanity already low in number, it became a political division between those who favour these machines and lust to evolve them further along and those who believe they should be destroyed lest be nothing more then mere drones that become workers not sexual tools. This became a bit of a war in itself, since those who stood against machine, choose to raid production warehouses in an effort to reduce numbers.

My question however, is what if these machines could develop their own emotions, their own dreams or desires. What then would become of humanity?

Personally, for humanity to progress, man and machine should merge and become one. The age of flesh and bone should end and these ‘Fembots’ are just the start.

Telsa Corporation A.I Research Development& Manufacturing

Chapter 1:

"Go on then Robert, its almost time for your part.” A man in a smarty dressed suit picks up a megaphone from a chair as he looks around a small, well kept apartment room. “Robert, try to hold it in long enough to get a good shoot and please, no funny faces this time either, we have to make money of this." The smartly dressed man pins a label reading ‘Director’ onto his suitbeforepointing towards a stage, leading to a small group of people beginning to rush around. He bends down to look over a script in front of him; slowly rubbing his hands as he peers at the dialogue resting against the chair he picked his megaphone up from.

Besides him, a young well built man, dressed in just his underwear, stands anxiously as a rush of people move around setting up cameras and lights around a makeshift bedroom within the apartment room itself. A small sweat begins to drip down his forehead as he moves towards the director, his voice in a stammer as his nerves begin to take over. "So... Who are we casting for the…er... Female role?"

The director looks up at Robert with a eager smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye. "We've been donated a special A.I model from a company called Telsa Corporation, just for this film. She should be here soon." The director returns his focus onto the script, as Robert begins to look anxious and nervous at the news. "A... a robot?!? Are you sure that's a wise idea, I mean surely one of the actresses could do the role?" Robert responds with a slight shake in his voice.

He attempts to take a step forward as the director raises his head once more, but as words where about to leave his mouth,a sleek tall woman crafted in black steel comes into view, taking both Robert and the Director by surprise, leaving them both speechless. Her eyes had a blue glow and her metallic hair silver and flowing, shining brightly as the bulbs in the room directed their light against her. She looked incredibly beautiful and human for a machine, her body crafted like no other; she even stood with a slight sway to her hips.

As Robert and the Director remain speechless, she goes to extend her hand out to the Director, intending to shake it. The Director slowly reaches out, with a slight shake in his arm beforegrasping her hand. He quickly winces in pain as she grips his hand in a shake, forcibly moving his hand and arm in an up and down motion. As she lets go, the Director pulls his arm back and looks down at his crushed and quickly bruising hand. "Christ she has a grip on her. Go get her Robert, it's all you now." The Director whimpers while trying to move his fingers back and forth with difficulty.

With a loud gulp, Robert slowly looks the Fembot in the eyes before making a turn for the stage while the Director waves his spare hand, signalling everyone around the set to prepare before looking back down at the scripts placed against the chair. As Robert tries to take a step forward, he quickly finds the female A.I brush past him, stopping him within a few short steps, making him grow anxious and unsure what to do. “Erm… what’s wrong, shouldn’t we… we be on set now?” he stammers. The Fembot simply extends her hand towards his chest, placing her open palm just beneath his collarbone, making Robert begin to breath heavily.

“D-d-director…you mentioned she was… special… what did you mean by special…?” Robert raises his voice to try get the attention of the Director, too anxious to make any movement as the Fembot slowly begins to runs her fingers tenderly up and down his chest as she goes, putting his mind in a strange position, locked between fear, anxietyand excitement. “Oh, nothing really, we do know her name though, she’s called Neptunia… apparently model 11, or XI according to the letter.” The Director responds, not even looking up, too focused on the scripts and the pains emulating from his crushed hand.

Robert gulps once more as ‘Neptunia’ continues to stroke against his chest, catching the attention of some of the set team, who watch eagerly as if at a personal pre-viewing of what’s to come. Neptunia slowly motions her hand down Robert’s chest towards his abdomen, making him toughen up his stomach yet too restrained to interrupt her out of fear that by doing so, she may respond badly. Yet, he finds himself strangely turned on by her movements, more then he normally would, especially being his first time having a robot be involved in any kind of porn shoot he’s ever done.

He suddenly finds himself getting an erection as Neptunia begins to slowly stroke the tip of her finger against the lining of his underwear, fiddling with the elastics, slowly folding them back as she does. The set staff around them begin to stop what they’re doing completely and move in closer to witness the action as Robert tries his best not to show any enjoyment despite his erection now becoming out of his control and slowly poking its way at the seems of his underwear, right into the path of Neptunia’s fingers.
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