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Entering the Arena [Unfinished]

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Entering the Arena [Unfinished] Empty Entering the Arena [Unfinished]

Post by Ayari on Wed Dec 07, 2016 8:39 am

written by Eloxi VII & Neptunia XI

Lilynette signaled Sakuya to follow her, they started walking together. Sakuya was quite happy with her new armour, she thought that it looked quite good on her. But she still wanted to know what was going on with everything. She got her courage together and started speaking:

Sakuya: "Uhm...thanks for the clothes...armour by the way. It is pretty comfy and looks quite good."

Lilynette turned towards her and saw her smiling shyly.

Lilynette: "Looks like someone finally started talking, I was wondering how much longer it would take..."

Sakuya: "Well...uhm...I wanted to ask you a few things and..."

Lilynette looked at her sternly.

Lilynette: "Well we should first head out of the factory, don't you think? It is quite loud here and I don't want to spend too much time yabbering around, we can talk in the hallway."

They swiftly moved towards the factory's door. Once it was shut behind them, Lilynette started speaking:

Lilynette: "Let me guess your questions. First of all, I don't think we have properly introduced each other yet. My name is Lilynette."

Sakuya: "Uhm, nice to meet you miss Lilynette, my name is..."

Lilynette: "Sakuya... I know. I was not finished yet. I am the queen of this realm. And before you even ask, no this is NOT a dream, this is real and I AM a real demon and YOU are now aswell."

Sakuya looked at her, having signs of a shock on her face. She quickly got herself together and started speaking again:

Sakuya: "So then I am a demoness now... Can I ask why you changed me?"

Lilynette had a smirk on her face.

Lilynette: "You see my child... Sakuya, I brought you here to my realm after your untimely demise, because you have something in you... potential."

Sakuya: "Potenial?"

Lilynette: "I can tell you, it is not often...that I see something like this. And as you can see there is proof to it aswell. What if I tell you that the transformation that you had usually does not end that well?"

Sakuya suddenly had a clump in her throat after hearing that, she visibly swallowed.

Lilynette: "But I...you are pretty lucky to are still among us and not in some soul absorbing whirlpool. Regardless, no need to be nervous, for now you have been sufficing my expectations. But don't dare think we are done here yet, you still need to train and learn a lot before you can even think of doing anything."

They reached a corner at the end of the hallway and turned to the right, towards a flight of stairs.

Sakuya: "Uhm...What shall I do?"

Lilynette: "Don't worry you will soon see, afterall I want you to be ready to do a lot of things soon. However, I do not want to spend my time explaining everything in detail to you. I expect for you to be smart enough to simply understand things over time."

Sakuya: "Well working out things via context was a needed thing in my profession, so I guess I..."

Lilynette: "Good."

They reached the end of the stairs, a couple of guards were standing in front of a door. They opened it.

Lilynette: "Another quick thing. You should not be this nervous you know? I does not look good on you."

Sakuya lost a bit of her tension.

Sakuya: "Uhm...thanks I guess. And where are we heading to, Lilynette?"

Lilynette had a sly smile on her face.

Lilynette: "You know, usually I severely punish anyone that does not address me with one of my rightful titles. But with you I am doing an exception. Take it as, that I consider you better than the usual vermin that I get to see on a daily basis."

Lilynette: "We are heading to the arena, it is time to start the next show."

Sakuya: "Show?"

Lilynette: "What did say about questions... Don't worry, you will soon see."
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