Queen's Blade Championship
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Filler rp, if needed (finished)

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Filler rp, if needed (finished)

Post by Guest on Sat Jun 29, 2013 6:52 am

"The Camera zooms in on Keele's cell. From what we can see Keele is doing the usual, reading his book. He hears a door open and see's a guy come in, holding a microphone, guards surrounding him. As if Keele would ever try anything."

Sakakl:Were here with Keele Zeibel.

"One of the guards unlock Keele's cell and lets Sakaki enter. The guards stay on alert,still ready if Keele tries anything. Yeah right."

Sakaki: Keele, were here to get a better grasp on who you are as a fighter, and a person. Let me ask you where are you from?

Keele:Who are you? and why should i answer any of your stupid questions?

Sakaki:To give our audience a better grasp on who you are. So Keele, could you answer the question. Where are you from?

"Keele looks at Sakaki with sheer disgust. how anyone could lock you up like an animal, then expect you to answer anything is beyond him. But why not play along."

Keele:Im from a place called Inferia. It's kinda hard to explain but ill try. It's basically another world i guess you could say. For all i know it could be that im in a different part of Inferia.

"A look of a little relief comes over Keele. Maybe he is home."

Sakaki:No trust me your a long way from home.

"Another let down. The look of disgust comes back to Keele's face."

Sakaki: In your next match do you plan on actually fight? Or running scared like in your previous matches?

"Keele looks at Sakaki with sheer anger, then looks over at the guards. No chance of ever breaking out of here, may as well just answer the question. Or better yet..."

Keele: How bout this, you tell me where i am? Where am I? And you never answered my question, Who in the world are you?

Sakaki: I am Sakaki, and you are at the Queens Blade Tournament!! Now please, answer the question. *Snickers* You just gonna run around the ring in your next match too or are you gonna actually fight?

"Keele looks enraged now, something deep inside him is building and overcoming him. 17 years of repressed hate and pain of being picked on is building inside him until finally..."

Keele: You wanna find out?

"Keele charges at Sakaki, and spears him to the ground. A side of keele that nobody has ever seen is erupting out of him. one of the guards grabs Keele, but Keele easily throws him off. Another guard pulls out a batton but Keele stops him in his tracks and hits him right in the face. finally it takes 3 guards to sustain Keele and throw him back in his cell."

Keele: Now just leave me be and let me read. I have no reason to answer any of your questions. *under his breathe* Idiot.

"The camera turns back to Sakaki who has made it back to his feet microphone in hand. Still shaky and amazed by what he has witnessed, he presses on to finish the interview."

Sakaki:Well there you have it, Keele Zeibel everyone. apparently he does have a mean streak. Lets see if he will eventually bring it out.

"Camera fades out"


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