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Vicious Wolf and the Guard

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Vicious Wolf and the Guard

Post by Vicious Wolf on Mon Aug 05, 2013 11:10 am

One of the female guards is seen walking down a corridor in passing by some empty cells.Vicious Wolf is seen walking behind the guard now that Chris Hunt was the champion the three musketeers had been given more freedom and were allowed to wander into some areas that were previously inaccessible, Wolf loved the freedom and between training was fond of exploring, knowing that the guards could do nothing about it.Vicious Wolf sneaks up on the guard and decides to have a bit off "fun", not being within easy access to women for so long had built up a lot of stress.

Vicious Wolf:Hey good lookin,how about me and you retire to one of these cells and do some heavy "training"you know, get real sweaty.Perhaps I will even make you a regular training partner!

Guard: Dream on Shrimpy.

Vicious Wolf smiled sinisterly and walks towards the guard the guard takes a swing expecting to beat Wolf with one hit, but Wolf moves so fast with a dodge and gets behind the guard.

Vicious Wolf: To slow, looks like I am going to be setting the pace all the way, just the way I like it, only one woman has been able to control the pace with me!

Vicious Wolf kicks the back of the guards legs bringing her down to head height and summons his claws wrapping them around her neck carefully,Preventing her from moving.He then moves his hand threatening to harm her, the killing intent and threat of death combined cause the guard to start shaking in fear.Vicious Wolf know that all that will be needed is one more push so he moves his face close to the guards ear and Whispers.

Vicious Wolf:Ready to die?

The guard breaks out in tears causing Wolf to remove his claws and walk away laughing sadistically.

Vicious Wolf: This was fun darling, call me and we can do this again sometime, I am going back to my cell now to rest up.

Wolf Leaves the guard to recover from the psychological pain he just inflicted.

( Let me know if anything needs to be changed)

Vicious Wolf

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Re: Vicious Wolf and the Guard

Post by Guest on Mon Aug 05, 2013 2:11 pm

So, this is how sex with Vicious Wolf is like....

Poor Vanessa.


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