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Vicious Wolf and Izumi have a chat.

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Vicious Wolf and Izumi have a chat.

Post by Vicious Wolf on Tue Aug 13, 2013 3:21 am

Izumi can be seen cleaning the floors of the pits, he seems to be in a good mood now that Dogpyle has his back.Even cleaning the mix of blood, sweat and tears from the putrid floor of the pits does not dampen his mood.As he thought now that Dogpyle had his back most other competators would not even try to start trouble with him.For once he felt safe.however he soon felt a chill down his spine. as if someone, no something was stalking him with killer and predatory intent. He looked around but could not see anything. He continued cleaning albeit at a faster pace.

Izumi: Just got to keep working. Don't want to make the queen angry after all, what could be more scary than her wanting to hurt you.

Vicious Wolf: Oh I can think off a few things that are more scary than that little succubus.How about I show them to you!

With this Izumi turns to see Vicious Wolf slowly walking towards him with a sinister smile. This did not scare Izumi too much, Wolf always had a sinister smile. However there was something about the way that Wolf was walking towards Izumi that spooked the young servant. Wolf would normally ignore him, as Wolf had once said" An already broken servant is no fun to break again". Izumi then thought about how close Wolf was to Dogpyle and felt more safe. until Wolf put one arm over his shoulder.

Vicious Wolf: Why don't we have a walk, I need to discuss some things with you.Feel honored that I am even wasting time talking to a worm like you.Now I understand that you seem to be under the delusion that you are totally safe and no one will touch you.I can smell the confidence from you, And it is starting to stink up the place.So perhaps you could go back to being the mind broken slave you where before and one off us can go back to being happy, sweet deal right!

Izumi: I Refuse, I enjoy my new found confidence, I have to get the cleaning done so good day to you Mr.Wolf.

As Izumi starts to walk away Vicious Wolf Grasp his arm turning him around and slams his knee into his stomach knocking all the air out off his body as he lifts the lightly built servant into the air choking him whilst slamming him against the bars off a nearby cell, Izumi struggles to no avail as the choking starts to take effect, His eyes start to roll back and he foams at the mouth. Whilst this brutal attack is happening Wolf laughs maniacally.

Izumi(choking):Dogpyle would not like this!

Vicious Wolf drops Izumi who falls onto his knees coughing trying to get air back into his lungs.Wolf Grasps Izumi's neck more gently.

Vicious Wolf: So thats what this is about, Well I don't know what my partner in crime has planed for you but I don't like it.Maybe I should just rip your spine out and play pictionary with your blood, He will probably forgive me in time.

Vicious Wolf takes some time to think about it until he comes up with a plan.

Vicious Wolf: Let me guess, my friend Dogpyle promised to help you become a stronger fighter and whilst he trains you he will keep all the big bad wolves off you, Well then I have an idea.How about you come with us to ringside.We have a little plan you see and maybe observing could teach you something whilst also benefiting not just me but Dogpyle too.I will even stay off your back and might gain some respect depending on how well this deal works out.

Vicious Wolf offers his hand too Izumi, who quickly accepts it and stands up.

Vicious Wolf: Good, I will see you there. Now go and clean your self up, you have drooled all over yourself from that little stress relief earlier.

With this Vicious Wolf leaves Izumi to contemplate what had taken place over the space off a few minutes.

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