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Sakuya & Cobalts Understanding

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Sakuya & Cobalts Understanding

Post by Sephira on Mon Aug 12, 2013 12:04 am

Requires Colabt's parts extending*

Cobalt can be seen leaning against the wall in the Pits, eagerly watching as several combatants argue in the distance. 2 Male guards stand in the distance, nodding at Cobalt as he watches intently.

Cobalt: How boring. I wish these fools would hurry it up.

Suddenly Sakuya comes into view, bloodied trail following her as her hands are dripping in blood. Cobalt quickly stands to his feet.

Cobalt: Oh great, what has she gone and done now?

Cobalt stands in her path. Sakuya pushes him aside before he grabs her by the arm and confronts her.

Sakuya: Remove your hands from me before I break them.

Cobalt: I don't think so. What did you do?

Sakuya pulls her arm back and steps back, a smile across her face as she rubs her fingers across her cheeks, staining them in blood.

Sakuya: I simply dealt with a little bug that needed exterminating.

Sakuya begins to laugh as Cobalt begins to show signs of annoyance.

Cobalt: You killed him didn't you. He could have been of use to us!

Cobalt shoves Sakuya back against the wall, holding her by the shoulders.

Cobalt: Why can you never keep your hands to yourself, why must you always take pleasure in staining your hands in blood!

Sakuya begins to giggle before looking Cobalt in the eyes, her eyes begining to glow red.

Sakuya: Oh Cobalt, you know how much I love being held against the wall against a wall by such a strong man.

Cobalt let's her go and grunts as she begins to laugh.

Sakuya: Oh Cobalt! How you have always had such a soft spot for such weak fighters! I simply did what was needed to be done...

Sakuya places her hand against Cobalts cheek before moving her lips to his ears as she begins to whisper.

Sakuya: I enjoyed it... I enjoyed crushing him like a little bug, I enjoyed that his last moment was the sight of the soles of my boots as he lays in pain. He was weak Cobalt, he was pathetic. He couldn't even fight back, he cried as he met his fate...

Sakuya steps back and turns her back to Cobalt, looking back at him with a smirk

Sakuya: I enjoy that I stand her now, stained in blood. You would do well to remember that I wasn't employed to simply give pity to every fighter who fails in this tournament.

Suddenly a combatant suddenly comes crashing before Cobalt and Sakuya. Cobalt nods to his guards as they approach the other combatants.

Sakuya: Well it looks like this conversation is over. Now if you excuse me, I have other things I need to be seeing to. I hope your Guard's don't show these pathetic fools too much Mercy.

Sakuya turns her back on Cobalt and begins to walk away as Cobalt grunts in disgust.
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