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Lilynette's Issues

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Lilynette's Issues

Post by The Mark on Thu Sep 05, 2013 2:43 am

Lilynette is brooding on her throne, her mind distracted by many things. The Mark and Laura Kinney making fools of her Guard. Apocolypse's threats to upheave her rule. Now, Sakuya, who stands before her.

Sakuya: You must give me full authority to eradicate these two... RATS!

Sakuya doesn't seem entirely focused as well, her hair a wild mess as she pleads her case.

Sakuya: They won't stop. And I won't stop either! If you won't give me any assistance in this-!

Lilynette: What will you do?

Sakuya pauses, suddenly seeing Lilynette's upset expression.

Lilynette: Will you embarass me to death like you have tonight? Perhaps you'll lose your temper again and forget that you have a job to do.

Lilynette snaps her fingers as two of her nearby guards stand at attention.

Lilynette: Get me the trainee.

The guards give a bow and rush off.

Lilynette: Sakuya. You've been playing the wrong game with The Mark and Laura. They thrive off of thier opponents pure instinct and strength, opting to outsmart them. What you needed to do was play alongside them.

The guards return with a woman, garbed in a purple uniform, exposing her midriff. She carries multiple blades on her and has an intense stare.

???: My queen.

Lilynette's upset expression turns to a smirk.

Lilynette: Ms. Johnson. You've been taking your training seriously since I've brought you in.

Silvia: And why wouldn't I, your majesty? If it means having the chance to eliminate The Mark, I would do anything.

Sakuya looks at Silvia, her anger building.

Sakuya: You will have no chance at him! A piece of fragile eye candy as yourself should not exist in the Guard!

Lilynette let's out a loud Hmph as she turns her attention to Sakuya.

Lilynette: Bite your tongue, Sakuya. This Guard is mine, so your comment's are off no concern to me.

Lilynette motions for Silvia to come forward.

Lilynette: As of today, you are now an official member of the Queen's Guard. You will serve as the justice and law of this place. Should anyone not follow under my rule or choose to betray it, you will stamp it out alongside your new brothers and sisters.

Silvia gets down on a knee and bows.

Silvia: Of course, your majesty.

Lilynette: Now, go. Get your things from your trainee bunk and go to Sakuya's office for further assignment.

Silvia stands and walks off, Sakuya watching her as she goes.

Sakuya: And what has she have to do with outsmarting The Mark and Laura?

Lilynette chuckles.

Lilynette: Tell me, Sakuya... How would you react when family actively tries to hurt you?

Lilynette stands from her throne and walks behind Sakuya, placing her hands against Sakuya's shoulders and leaning in close to ear.

Lilynette: Or, maybe in a way you'll prefer... actively trying to crush you like a bug.

Lilynette removes her hands from Sakuya's shoulders and goes back to sit on her throne as Sakuya gives a brief look of confusion before realization hits, a smile of her own beginning to form.

Lilynette: I think you know what to do.

Sakuya gives a nod and moves her fingers through her hair, straightening it before she leaves.
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Re: Lilynette's Issues

Post by Sephira on Thu Sep 05, 2013 10:39 am

Made some minor alterations, nothing major, just few addition actions on Lilynette's part
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