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Mai's Curiosity Strikes Again

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Mai's Curiosity Strikes Again

Post by Sephira on Tue Oct 08, 2013 7:47 am

The camera turns to the Main Hall as Mai can be seen sitting in the corner, holding a small object in her hands. As she starts to shake it and move it, a look of glum can be seen on her face. The object small and round, almost like a globe yet with a small shine that does not smudge as Mai's small hands slide across it. As she holds it close, her eyes reflect off it and the object almost reacts to her, yet not enough.

Mai: Why won't you work! You worked for that man but now you won't work for me!

As Mai becomes frustrated she quickly throws the object across the room as it clangs as it comes into contact with the carpet. Mai cradles herself in frustration as she puts her head against her knees. She lets out a loud sigh and a slight deep breath followed by a rasping noise. She lifts her head up and lets out a small smile, her eyes brightening up.

Mai: Argh! Time for a walk instead! I'm sure I can fix this later!

Mai get's to her feet and starts to walk out of the Hall, smiling happily at the Guard on duty. As she wonders across the corridors she soon makes her way towards the Cells. As she slowly tip toes across the halls, peering into each Cell as she goes, she comes across a young man in his cell, wrapping a cloth around his head as he clenches his fists preparing to train.

Itasu: Alright Itasu, today you will break your own record!

Itasu starts doing a set of push-ups on top of his fists, not noticing Mai standing behind her.

Itasu: ...13...14...15... Yes! a new record!

Itasu stands up in excitement, and he removes some sweat from his face with the towel.

Itasu: I haven't done enough though... I need to train harder if i want to win tonight.

He jumps, and grabs the bar on the ceiling of the cell, and he starts doing a set of pullups

Mai looks on in amazement. She slowly approaches closer, gripping the wall with her hands and slowly peering her head into the cell without Itasu noticing. She smiles brightly as he trains, imagining herself in his situation. As Guard's appear in the distance to Mai's attention, she quickly slips back, accidently knocking a small amount of rubble, catching Itasu's attention; and yet as he turns, she has already gone.

Itasu: Wait... what was that?

Itasu keeps staring at the rubble with a confused look, as the guards approach

Male Guard: Hey you, why is that rubble over there?

The male guard opens the prison cell, and he grabs Itasu by his neck, lifting him against the wall, choking him.

Male Guard: Don't you even dare causing mayhem in here again, or you will pay for it... and the price won't be money!

The male guard drops Itasu on the ground, who falls on his knees with a look of fear in his eyes.

Meanwhile, the other guard removed the rubble from where it was, and they both walk away after closing the prison cell.

Itasu: Why does stuff like this happen to me? Its unfair... I better get ready for my match though!

Itasu is seen wrapping tape around his hands.
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