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Section 13: Promo 1

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Section 13: Promo 1

Post by Sephira on Tue Oct 15, 2013 6:27 am

Hey! Hey you! Yes you!

Are you bored, of seeing the same thing week in week out? Getting bored of the fantasy, getting bored of the wrestling... getting bored of reality? Well don't we just have a moany little pussyfoot! Thankfully, there is something slightly different.

Section 13.

What is it you say? Is it another crazy fed idea? Is it some fantasy girly fed? Maybe it's another Wrestling Fed that's similar to the rest? Nope.

Section 13 is a reality tv program, the inmates do as they do for the viewers pleasure; being twisted gets rewarded. They'll be given tools at will and the cameras will watch each moment.

Multiple gangs will fight for control; but this isn't a normal setup. Oh no, we're very involved in what happens. You the viewers; will vote, you will decide. Each Gang, each inmate is fighting for your entertainment, for your attention! Reward them! Punish them! The power is in your control.

Watch as each week, they live their daily lives in a mental asylum with no rules, with no guard's. Only a timetable for the basic needs such as food and sleep; but what they do outside of that, is totally up to them and boy, are we going to watch it all. See them fight, see them cheat, see them hit each other with rubber chickens!

All in the end the final will come to them being brought out to fight for survival in the Caged ring for your votes! They'll spill blood for your entertainment and put on a show of a life time, for you the viewers. What do they get in return? Well, we don't execute them for their horrible horrible crimes!

Pigs will fly, pants will be worn on heads, video camera's will be live at all times and blood will spray the arena in Server 3's new hit TV Show; Section 13: Fight or Die!

Coming November 2013!

Viewer discretion is advised.

Lacey Oxide: Blehhhhh give me that Camera! Hey Lacuna hold the Camera and make me look pretty!

Lacuna Oxide: I don't think this is the kind of Camera that'll make you look pretty Lacey *sniggers*

Lacey Oxide: Hey, at least I have a match coming up next week!

Lacuna Oxide: *cough* We have a match *cough*

Lacey Oxide: Bring it over here! We're going to play a quick little game... I call it, the lucky doors!

Lacey jogs over to a set of Doors as the camera begins to shake with Lacuna running after her. Suddenly it stops as 3 Door's can be seen with Lacey standing before them with her arms out.

Lacey Oxide: Pick a prize... any prize...

Lacuna Oxide: Hey Lacey, pick the middle door, I want to see if what's her face... err... Fox is it?

Lacey Oxide: Yeah that's the one, the one who always wear that stinky fox outfit and never takes a bath... she's one dirty...-

Lacuna Oxide: Lacey! Remember their are children watching this... we are after all airing to a *cough* PG-13 audience *cough*

Lacey Oxide: Right! Okay then, middle door it is... annnnddddd

Lacey takes a run up and slams her foot into the door, forcing it to swing over... SUDDENLY


Horsehead Guy: Why hello ladies, come to join us for a nice hot cup of Espresso?

Lacey Oxide: Erm... Maybe another time...

The camera suddenly grays out as the Queen's Blade Championship Logo reappears.
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