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Emelia the Fox Girl

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Emelia the Fox Girl

Post by Sephira on Mon Mar 16, 2015 7:25 am

Emelia corners Azuray, slowly pushing her back as her fingers softly press against Azuray's breasts, her breath slowly increasing, growing heavy with each step she takes. Before Azuray could scream, Emelia lunges forward, forcing her body into Azuray's, her lips locking and forcing Azuray into silence.

Emelia slowly wraps her tail around Azuray's body, as Azuray begins to glow red but releasing her kiss from Azuray's lips. "It's okay my dear, I'm not here to hurt you... but there is something I need you to do for me..." Emelia whispers softly into Azuray's ear. She begins to slowly stroke her finger across Azuray's cheek, her finger nail slowly pericing Azuray's flesh, drawing blood causing it to trickle down Emelia's finger; her eyes begin to widen and she begins to lick her lips with anticipation.

As Azuray slowly groans in pain, Emelia begins to wipe her finger across the open cut, smearing blood against Azuray's cheek. She breaths heavily, slowly losing control of herself as the sight of blood begins to send shivers down her spine. "It feels... so good..." Emelia groans as blood begins to slowly trickle along her finger. Without a moment to waste, Emelia pushes herself into Azuray, her breasts meeting Azurays as she tries to control herself, but her will was too weak and she quickly goes to place her tongue against Azuray's cheek, slowly licking across her cut, the blood sinking into her tastebuds.

Emelia lets out a load groan and begins to slowly slide her blood smeared finger against her own chest, slowly stroking down her breasts and caressing her nipple as she pushes herself into Azuray more, taking her breath away as she continues to lick against the open wound. As Emelia begins to let out a loud groan of lust, she quickly slides her fingers down her body, pushing the tips against her cliterous and begins to rub herself slowly and tenderly.

Azuray remains in shock, slowly feinting as Emelia begins to lick against her cheek, her tongue slowly pushing into her wound as her hot breath pushes into into her skin. Suddenly, Emelia's tail begins to slowly slide down between Azuray's legs and push slowly against her vagina, but before Azuray could react, Emelia's tail suddenly pushes itself through, causing Azuray's legs to buckle to the point that Emelia's tail was all that was holding Azuray up; the fur slowly tickling her skin,, making her gag and shake in response.

Sensing the unwanted enjoyment that went through Azuray's body, Emelia decides to stop licking the wound, and begins to slowly slide her tongue towards Azuray's neck before using her tail to pushing in and out of Azuray's vagina; making her begins to breath heavier as her legs buckle more and more to the point that Emelia's tail was her only support. This just excites Emelia and she begins to lift Azuray up higher, her tail pushing Azuray's feet clean of the floor, putting Azuray's breasts into Emelia's view, allowing her to begins to slowly roll her tongue against her nipples and slowly grasp her lips around her flesh, sucking tendly as Azuray is held up in the air.

Azuray can not move, her body limp as Emelia's tail begins to forcably excite her more as she is held up in the air while Emelia engulfs herself over Azurays breasts. As Azuray begins to let out a gasp, Emelia takes notice and stops licking Azuray's breasts. She lets out an evil smile as she watches Azuray shakes, her eyes rolling back. Feeling a sense of sadism, Emelia begins to slowly force her tail deeper before pulling it back with enough force that Azuray's body moves in flow. Taking full advantage, Emelia begins to bounce Azuray up and down on her tail, her fur tickling against Azuray's cliterious as the bulk of her tail forces itself deeper in and out of Azuray's vagina, making her slowly lose control as pain and excitment take over her entire body.

As she does it faster, Azuray begins to groan more and more, causing Emelia to rub her fingers harder against herself, making her groan in response. Within moments, Azuray let's out a scream as a clear liquid begins to slowly trickle down Emelia's tail. Emelia lets out a giggle before pulling her tail from Azuray, causing her to fall to the floor motionless, shaking. Emelia licks her lips and slowly gets on her knees and begins to lick against the now feint Azuray, her lips slowly tickling Azuray's skin around her vagina as Emelia tastes her juices for herself. Her tail wet, she slowly slides her across Azuray's body, smearing her with her own juices but as she finishes, Emelia climbs onto of Azuray and begins to rub her body against Azurays, transfering her sweat and juices onto her own skin.

Emelia slowly slides her finger back onto her cliterous and rubs it intensely as she rubs her body against Azurays; before releasing herself against Azuray. Emelia drops herself back onto Azuray and contains to rub her body with Azuray's before going to kiss the now passed out Azuray one last time.
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