Queen's Blade Championship
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Introducing Queen's Blade Championship

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Introducing Queen's Blade Championship

Post by Sephira on Fri May 31, 2013 11:47 am

The roaring crowd can be heard outside the walls, as the new combatants lineup along the gates to prepare to enter into the area to face a new kind of threat, one that is not common in the Wrestling Industry. It is impossible to truly understand this world, when you compare it to your own; because in this world, Wrestling is no long an entertainment show, its a blood sport. The crowds crave it, the commentators crave, even the oldest man alive in this world crave it; and who better to satisfy everyone then the good queen herself? You think you have what it takes to be a Legend? Not in my world; not in my rule, nobody sits on a tower higher then common man, not unless that tower is paved with shattered body's of the defeated, of the hopeful and the hopeless. I hope you guys have what it takes, because this crowd won't satisfy themselves. Oh, and stay away from the barricades, Lilynette isn't the only Demon in this world with an Attitude.

A new day dawns as the Sun rises. The world is at peace, preparing as one for the next Tournament, eager to see why kind of personality's come...

Lilynette begins walking down the halls of the Arena, followed closely buy several chained men, each bigger then the next.

She stops suddenly and turns to face the men.

Lilynette: I hope you guys are ready, if you think I was mean, you have seen nothing. This Realm only seems to achieve its own peace by throwing their lives into this tournament... but who am I to complain Lilynette laughs before smirking at the men. I mean, I satisfy the people and in return, my job is made easier in ruling this world.

Lilynette turns and walks to a group of Women, all wearing specific badges with a logo that read's "Queen's Blade Championship". They all salute her as she approaches.

Lilynette: It's almost time. I hope you lot know what you are doing, I'd hate to have to put you in the ring instead. Now tell me, are you already?

The women all shout "Yes Queen".

One women goes to grab the match sheet for the day and has a puzzled look on her face...

Iroha: Erm, Queen, you seem to be listed for today? Are you sure you want to compete...

Lilynette turns quickly with an angry look on her face, causing Iroha to pause suddenly and the rest of the women to gulp.

Lilynette: Of course I do, I wouldn't worry, I'm sure my people will protect me. Besides, you think I will let myself lose in my own Tournament. Don't be a fool!

Lilynette walks to the gates before turning to look back at everyone.

Lilynette: Let us show everyone our story, our pride. Let us show those who watch us tonight, know that we are the elite, that we are the ones to push to the top because if you do not, you not be walking this world for long.

Part 1: Abductions and Greetings.

Naneal: Welcome all to another great show! Another day in the Tournament is about to begin!

Airi: Oh will you pipe down, I doubt the listeners really want to listen you ramble about what they already know.

Naneal: I'm just introducing the show, come on Airi are you always so grumpy?

Airi gets up her seat and swiftly slaps Naneal in the face.

Airi: I swear if you say that again it'll be me and you in that ring next. Now shut up and get ready to introduce the next match.
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