Queen's Blade Championship
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Izumi Pit RP

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Izumi Pit RP

Post by Sephira on Thu Jun 06, 2013 8:02 am

The Camera shows a young male carrying around a mop and bucket, curious of his surrounding and excited to see all the new combatants together. He puts the bucket down and starts swinging his mop about like it was a sword, imitating moves like he was in the arena. Suddenly though, his actions where stopped short when a passing by Guard steps by and gets clocked around the head by the mop.

Guard: Why you little runt, how dare you hit one of the Queen's guards with that peasants tool!

Izumi gulps and starts to shake

Izumi: S-s-s-sorry sir, I didn't mean it honest! Please forgive me!

The guard, clearly humored by Izumi's reaction, pulls the mop from his arms and snaps the mop in two.

Guard: Next time, it'll be your spine that I snap, don't let me catch you fooling around again. Unless you want to pay a visit to the Queen and explain why her Colosseum grounds aren't spotless.

The Guard then throws the left overs of the mop at Izumi before turning and walking off.

Izumi: *Sigh* Why do I have to do this stinking job. I'd rather be competing! Maybe one day I can show the Queen just how capable I am, then maybe she'll give me a chance to compete and be like my father, not be a stinking cleaner.

Izumi kicks the bucket over in frustration before sitting on the ground and beginning to try piece the mop back together.

Suddenly, a bright light flashes around the Pit, as the local training arena begins to lighten up. Curious he walks over to find 2 Beautiful women standing ringside. As he goes to approach he suddenly bumps into someone carrying food.

Farah: Get out of my way you silly fool, I'm trying to get prepared for the Pit Event!

Izumi: I'm sorry, did you say Event? When! I must see this.

Farah, frustrated by Izumi's immaturity and clear lack of experience in the Pit slaps him around the head.

Farah: What are you stupid or something? I said I need to get ready, not spend all my time answering your questions. Haven't you got a job to do?

Farah then walks of in anger, having her time wasted and making her run behind schedule.

Izumi mutters to himself before heading back to pick up his bucket and whats left of his mop.
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