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New chapter in the book of Izumi

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New chapter in the book of Izumi

Post by Guest on Wed Aug 21, 2013 11:24 pm

Just a little filler and build up for all the stuff I'm doing with Izumi.
The scene opens up in the training room where Izumi can be seen cleaning the floors as some of the low card roster members are backing up against the walls and laughing at Izumi once again, while Izumi is just doing his work ignoring the men one step higher than him in the food chain of QBC. He throws the mop right into the bucket and takes a deep breath when a 'wrestling rat' comes up to him and spits on the floor right to his feet.

Wrestling Rat: Hey, you missed a spot there. *laughs*

As the man who has never been on a card laughs someone out of the scenery kicks him with his boot right to the side of his face as he falls down, his inmates run off and Izumi suddenly wears a light smile on his face. The scene shifts a bit and Dogpyle is reveled as the man with the high kicks.

Dogpyle: Hey look...whoever you are. You missed a spot there.

He then grabs the knocked out guys hair and drags his face right into the same spit. He then waves his arm calling Izumi closer.

Izumi: Please do your job and take out this trash. Thank you.

Izumi then grabs the knocked out man by his wrestling tights and barely drags out the man who out-weights Izumi by about 40 pounds. He barely pushes him out of the training room, takes a deep breath and comes back, he nods his head to Dogpyle and is about to take his mop to continue the work.

Dogpyle: You know when I told you yesterday to come to the training room and do some work, I didn't mean clean the damn place. Here, give me the mop.

Izumi, while wearing a worried look on his face hesitantly gives the mop to Dogpyle.

Dogpyle: Huh, this is one hand mop I must say.

He then slashes the broom with both of his hands against his knees and throws it in the furthest corner.

Dogpyle: No need for that now. So, I already had my warm-ups today. Now it's your turn.

Dogpyle then points clears a spot on the floor from all the dumbbells and equipment and looks at the ground.

Dogpyle: Ok, now. 40 push ups or I'll put you in sparring with Mr. Hunt.

Izumi: 40!?

Dogpyle raises an eyebrow and facepalms.

Dogpyle: And you wonder why you're not in the roster. You ain't gonna get that far with this attitude. *flexes his right arm* You think this just showed up from nowhere?

Then the doors to training facility open up once more, this time it's Vicious Wolf seen in the scene.

Vicious Wolf: Shouldn't the rat be cleaning this place? The stinch is unbearable.

Dogpyle: *light laugh* The mop had a little accident. Besides. The best janitor in the world couldn't get the stinch out of this place. Much less this kid. And also, cut the kid some slack. He did good for us last week.

Vicious Wolf: Don't give him too much credit either, we pretty much had the match in the bag already, he just saved us another 5 minutes in the ring with those peasants. But I'll give him some credit. Congratulations Izumi! You are ALMOST worth nothing.

Dogpyle: Will you ever give up? Ehh, whatever. Izumi, I want to see those 40 push ups. Or I'll add Vicious to the sparring mix as well.

Vicious looks at Dogpyle confused as Izumi drops the floor. The scene goes further away from the men with every second as you can still hear Dogpyle counting down the push ups. The scene then fades.


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