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Unfinished opening seg

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Unfinished opening seg

Post by Sephira on Tue Jul 02, 2013 4:43 am

The Scene opens on a rainy night, as the city starts to sleep. The lights from the moonlight flickering off the puddles forming as the heavens crys. The little girl seen from once before, cuddled with her bear under the foundations of the city walls, deep from the sights of the people of daylight. She crawls to the edge and slowly puts her hand out and feels the rain splash against her palms, a sensation she has never truly felt before. As the cold rain water hits her hand she slowly pokes her head out before noticing the city lights, forcing her to retreat back and cradle herself in the darkness.

As the night continues, and the lights of the city go out, the little girl edges back out into the rain, checking left and right to make sure it was safe before pulling herself out, cold, shivering and lost. She takes her bear from under the wall and grasps it tight before beginning to seek a new place to hide out of fear that one day someone may find her past hiding place. As she walks, head down and silent, she catches her reflection from the puddles staring back. As she begins to notice more, she stops and looks towards the sky and notices the moonlight shining back towards her, beautiful and bright, yet dark and mysterious. As she gazes, the rain continues to splash against her face, making her cheeks begin to feel a sense of coldness, yet giving her a sense of belonging.

She walks the streets alone, slowly and cautiously, avoiding any open light in case those who do not sleep well may notice her. Using only the moonlight to guide her and gripping her bear tightly, she navigates the dark wet streets of the inner city, finally coming across what seemed like a set of large gates in the distance, hidden beyond various statues and trees. She checks her surroundings before moving slowly through the area, hugging the trees as she goes, edging towards the wall before placing both palms against the cold bricks. She sighs to herself before crouching down and leaning against the walls. She raises her bear to her face, staring into its buttoned eyes and begins to question her mind as to why she couldn't be like everyone else. Why must she be different, why must everyone who lay eyes on her be unaccepting?

As she sits, she decides on her options. Finally deciding her path, she gets back to her feet, holding the bear increasingly tight, she begins walking away from the gate. Watching as it slowly fades away, she navigates towards a patch of flowers on a green close by. As she kneels before it, putting her hands and knees on the cold wet soil, she goes to pick the most beautiful flower she could find her places it within her hair, eating it nicely in the corner by her ear. She then looked at her bear in sadness and replayed the memory's of when the women from before gave her the bear, gave her the thing she deems her only friend now. At that, she sits the bear neatly among the flowers and learns forward to kiss it's nose. As she whispers her final goodbyes in a quiet her soft voice, she turns away, tears filling her eyes and slowly manages to begins to walk back towards the wall; looking back towards her bear who is now resting amongst a line of beautiful flowers, and as if she rests her last friend in memory she waves goodbye and run's towards to gate walls in the distance.
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