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The Pits Opening

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The Pits Opening

Post by @Magnum on Sat Aug 17, 2013 2:00 pm

Sigui: Welcome to another episode of the pits here in the QBC. Im Sigui along with my partner Taki we will be calling all the action here in show 2 and what a show it will be.
Taki: That's right we have two great matches set up for this evening. Masamune goes one one one vs. Johnny.
Sigui: That's right Masamune coming off a win in week one looking to keep up the momentum this week and our pit main event of the evening is Lilith Dragon coming off an impressive win last week going up against a young strong competitor making his debut tonight Xalvador Leinhart.
Taki: Two great matches featuring four young talents doesnt get much better than that Sigui unless of course there is plenty of blood.
Sigui: So stay tuned for an excellent episode of the pits here in the QBC where bloodshed, destruction, and mayhem lives.

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