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The Pits Opening

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The Pits Opening

Post by @Magnum on Fri Aug 30, 2013 1:44 am

Sigui: Welcome to the pits we have two great matches lined up for you tonight as always it will be a bunch of action including a divas match which will be very exciting to watch.
Taki: I agree Sigui a divas match here in the pits should be exciting.
Sigui: Also The Mark goes one on one with the dangerous Sakuya, don't think thats a smart idea even with Laura Kinney by his side and we still don't know the whole story behind that.
Taki: Maybe we will find out more tonight but Im going to have to go with Sakuya, she will just not lose bottom line.
Sigui: That could quite possibly happen so stay tuned because all that and more is set to come your way here in the pits only found in QBC.

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