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Magnum before his match with Drake Stone

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Magnum before his match with Drake Stone

Post by @Magnum on Fri Sep 27, 2013 12:36 pm

Youngin on His Grind begins to play around the arena as the Blood Champion Magnum makes his way to the ring with the title around his waist.

Magnum enters the ring to a large amount of boos from the crowd mixed in with some Magnum chants. He grabs a mic.

Magnum: So season three here in the QBC and look who is still Blood Champion. (the crowd boos) You can boo all you want but it doesn't change the fact that I still have this championship around my waist.

Sigui: This is true Magnum has been the Blood Champion since season one, the first ever Blood Champion in QBC History I may add.
Taki: And he may very well be champion for a long long time.

Magnum: I want some real competition this season because I plan on defending the title at this season's pay per view no ifs ands or buts. I want someone to earn the chance to fight me though, no title match will be handed out like its free food at a homeless shelter. Which brings me to my opponent tonight, Drake Stone (the crowd cheers)
Ok cheer all you want you morons but this loser has no shot at beating me tonight, oh you can bet on that. (the crowd boos)

Sigui: I think we should wait and see what Drake Stone can do tonight against the Blood Champion.
Taki: I don't think he can do much, We have seen him before he really needs to work on his skills.

Magnum: I don't like lawyers, I don't like anyone that has to do with the law so tonight I have the opportunity to beat the hell out of the law and what is even better it will be an I Quit match (the crowd gives a loud cheer). Yes that is right an I Quit match which I requested and was granted by our GM who I thank very much.

Sigui: Wow an I Quit match here tonight.
Taki: Should be awesome.

Magnum: I will make Drake Stone say I Quit, you can bet on that, and I get my revenge on the law.

Sigui: I wonder why Magnum hates the law so much.
Taki: Maybe where he is from he had trouble with the law.
Sigui: Hopefully one day we find out.

Magnum: Now comment as you see fit!

Sigui: Magnum vs. Drake Stone in an I Quit match coming up next here in Part One of the QBC season opener.

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