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Understanding the Fundamentals to Resistance Class - Old Engine

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Understanding the Fundamentals to Resistance Class - Old Engine

Post by Sephira on Mon Nov 14, 2016 1:10 am

Class Explanation:
When bigger is better. Resistances are like a water melon among lemons in the ring, capable of taking more cracks from the mallet and keep going, while everyone else end up as bruised fruit laying amongst the mat. A resistance wrestler is the pineapple in a fruit salad, the the snorlax of Pokémon's... if you want a wrestler reference, they're the Rikishi and Big Show of Wrestling and are the toughest Class in terms of endurance during matches. Their entire Skill Tree is dedicated to Defence, making them the core class for defensive gameplay.

Resistance wrestlers gain a reduced timer and additional points to spend into the Resistance Class Skill Tree, which gives them a variable advantage when it comes to the core defensive skills that lead to a direct counter of most forms of offensive [excluding Feint, which counters Berserker and Block/Dodge, which counters Attack Bonus]. When rolled with the reduced timer and additional points, it gives Resistance the boost to work purely on defensive gameplay, but it comes at a cost.

Every class has its advantages and disadvantages. Resistance is all about defence, meaning it has a major disadvantage at offense. Unlike other guides where the Stats are referred to as a single Core, because Resistance contains absolutely no offensive bonus, every other class skill tree contains an offense and/or defence a Resistance benefit from. Resistance have a standard timer and skill point distribution in Strength [Core Offence Skill Tree], Speed [Core Stamina/Defence/Offence Skill Tree] and Technique [Core Submission/Offence/Defence Skill Tree]. As Stated above, each Skill Tree from the 3 other Prime Stats actually contains something a Resistance will need to be offensive, as well as bonus in defensive.

A Resistance can become offensive, but will require more time and experience points. More can build seen this particular part of play through Player Guides, but for now, let's look at skill points...


Tireless: For each point spent on Tireless, your base stamina is increased by 2%.
For each point spent into Tireless, you will gain a 2% boost into your stamina, but this only is based on your actual base stamina i.e what you start with at the start of the game, not the additional you'll gain from Advanced Techniques. 

Toughness: For each point spent on Toughness, your Damage Resilience is increased by 1%.
For each point spent into Toughness, your Damage Resilience will be increased by 1%. On your profile, this will be shown as Damage Resistance, and will help reduce damage against you from opponents.

Thick Skin: For each point spent on Thick Skin, you gain 20 health points.
For each point spent into Thick Skin, you will gain 20 Health Points. Health Points are essential to surviving in a match. Health Points can also be gained using Advanced Techniques. 

Willpower: For each point spent on Willpower, you gain 1 point on Pin Opposition Skill.
For each point spent into Willpower, you will gain 1 point in Pin Opposition. Pin Opposition increase your durability during Pin Moves, the more you have the harder it is to keep you down for a 3 count. It will not stop your opponent's trying to pin you, but it will stop them keeping your shoulders down. 

Pacification: Decrease the maximum number of allowed consecutive attacks to your opponents by one every 5 points on this skill.
For every 5 points in Pacification, you can cut your opponents attacks shorter. This works against Frenzied Urge and shows as Attack Denied in your profile. It cannot stop an opponent completely, all players have a minimum of 4 Attack's Allowed before they can be denied, so do not count of Pacification as your main form of preventing your opponent from going on the offense. 

Class Skill: Endurance: For each point spent on Endurance, you gain: -20 health points & 1% Damage Resilience. 
For each point spent in Endurance, you will gain +20 Health Points and 1% Damage Resilience. 

You can find more information on Skill's, including information on other class Skill's in the Skill Tree Explanation Guide.


Resistance have the class skill of Endurance, which gives them a bonus +20 Health Points and 1% Damage Reducer, along with a variety of moves unique to the Resistance Class; because of this, Resistance essentially gain double the amount of Health Points than any other class when tied with their shorter timer, along with additional Damage Reducer to counter other classes from a pure stat perceptive. 

Resistance has standard access to all other class skill tree's, therefore have no real offense or defence paths out for them, this gives Resistance players a choice in Block or Dodge, but many would recommend Block purely because the reduced skill point availability given to them. On top of this, Resistance would need to consider how it will distribute its points into Technique and Strength depending on the desired build plan. 

You will find that you're going to have a slower time aiming towards an offensive style build, but your defensive builds will be second to only a Balance, who will only be 50% as capable on the pure defence. Due to this, you have more options how to approach the offence aspect, making Resistance a slower, but more open class for players, especially those who want to focus on their own durability before they look at causing damage out to others.

Significant Moves of Class:
Resistance mostly have a range of high damage moves available, included one of the best damage Pin moves in the game for the Grounded Position. Resistance also have a number of a Bleed Moves and Submission moves available, making the class able to take any form of offensive it wants to. As a Resistance player you should consider the below moves for your move set as you go through your in game career. 

[Insert Moves]

Build Strategy for Class:
Resistances have the strongest durance in the game, therefore make great defence style builds. In the beginning of the game, this is the best course for players although later a Resistance can look into going submission, bleed or maximum damage by taking advantage of the moves available from its skill tree, in additional to moves unlocked from other class skill tree's. 

More information of these Build Strategy's can be found HERE [Insert link] along with example moves to pick for the particular Build Strategy, and the range of Advanced Techniques to consider investing in.

Essential Information:
Damage Reducer is a Resistances best friend, however it can only work at 90% bonus of an opponents Direct Damage Increaser, or Submission Damage Increaser. This means, if an opponent has 100% Direct Damage Increase, while you have 300% Damage Reducer, you will only function as if you had 190% due to the 90% Bonus cap.

Resistances can use either Dodge or Block as their choices of external defence, however it is generally adviced to go into Block to allow extra points to be used for Lightness and Frenzied Urge, which will allow for better offence ability later game.

Due to the higher damage absorption, Resistance players can consider a different Finisher mathematic's compared to other classes, allowing them to aim for bigger finishers that essentially trigger later in a match into a one shot style, this however can reduce executions rates.

Resistances have no offence bonus, so should be aware that it will take them longer to achieve the kind of output that other classes do should a Resistance player decide to build offence early game as opposed to defence.

A Resistance needs Stamina to avoid dropping from any possible offence as well as when absorbing. Health Points alone with Damage Reducer will not make a Resistance player unbeatable, especially as Damage Reducer loses its prime effect once a player enters blue; not paying attention to Stamina can cause this to happen faster, and for a Resistance player, blue status can mean the beginning of the end of the match.
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