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Dracor interview pre-match (finito)

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Dracor interview pre-match (finito)

Post by Guest on Fri Jul 05, 2013 7:53 pm

Sakaki was nervously biting his nails as he approached the cell that belonged to Damian Dracor. He was flanked by two guards but, as with any unknown combatant, he wasn't sure what to expect from the man. On one hand, he lost to Magnum two weeks before and lost a lot of blood in the process; on the other hand, he's still a blood-thirsty competitor and one of the few to come willingly to fight in the arena. Sakaki reached the cell and stepped to the side to let one of the guards unlock the door. Damian was sitting crossed-legged on the ground, facing the far wall. He had a tiny piece of bone in his hand and was scraping it against the wall. He stood up and spun around upon noticing the visitors entering, the cuts on his face still visible, and was met with a hard jab to the stomach by the older, more experienced guard out of the two. The other one rushed in and swooped up the slightly sharpened object off the ground.

Damian: Ahhhh! What the hell was that for? And why the hell did you just barge in here and distract me from my masterpiece?

Guard 1: Do you really think we were gonna let you-- wait, what?

The interviewer and both guards looked up at the wall that Damian was just sitting in front of and saw a crude, but beautifully illustrated landscape almost identical to the barren plains outside of the coliseum, which was quite impressive considering there were no windows in his cell.

Sakaki: Wow, that's quite impressive, considering there aren't any windows in your cell.

((Sorry, edit this out but I did that on purpose :p))

The guards helped Damian to his feet and let Sakaki enter the cell, careful to keep some space between the two.

Damian: Thanks, I got bored when I woke up. Helps me relieve stress and keep me from getting too wound up. (turning to the lead guard) I think you owe me an apology..

That remark earned him another swift blow to the abdomen, which was met with both anger and, to the confusion of the guards, amusement.

Damian: My bad ma'am, my bad. Shoulda thought that one through.

The younger guard handed him back the makeshift pencil, content that it would be used as intended by the prisoner.

Sakaki: I came here today to get your opinion on the beatdown you suffered at the hands of Magnum a couple weeks ago and your mindset heading into your rematch with him tonight.

The slight smirk on Dracor's face disappeared and was replaced with a look of sheer hatred.

Damian: Ahh, I figured as much. Magnum, Magnum, Magnum. That punk acts as if he could take on everyone in this place and walk out without a scratch. He has no idea what he's getting himself into.

Sakaki: Well, you gotta admit, those chair shots looked pretty brutal, and you left the arena bloodied and battered with help from the guards.

The smile that left Damian's face earlier now returns.

Damian: What, you think I had no idea what was going on? Don't you worry, it's all up here (he points to his head). I felt every shot; I heard every word that punk said. I even told Little Miss Pencil Stealer there to let me back at him as she was dragging me outta there.

The younger guard stepped toward him now, fist up in the air ready to strike, but then held back.

Guard 2: ...He's right. We could've let him walk out on his own if we thought he wouldn't go after Magnum right then and there.

Sakaki: So what you're saying, Damian, is that you let Magnum win the match?

Damian let out an obnoxious laugh.

Damian: No no no, don't get me wrong. He beat me fair and square, and he looked like an all-star while doing so. But all that did for me - all he accomplished by beating me down with that chair and busting me open after the match - was piss me off. He gave me a reason to come back for more. And let me tell ya, he's not gonna be the one standing triumphant when all is said and done.

Sakaki: You seem pretty confident in your abilities, and I don't doubt that, just like every one else here in the QBC, you're here to fight.

Damian: Look, let me put it this way. Back where I came from, I was the weird guy. The outcast, the creepy loner, the guy everyone thought was just a few misplaced words away from slaughtering the town population. But here... here I almost feel normal. I'm not 8 feet tall, I don't have claws, or wings, or a Scottish accent, but I'm just as sadistic as the rest of them, and I'll prove it to you, and everyone watching, after I put that punk Magnum down for the count.

Damian turned away from Sakaki and the guards and went back to sketching on the walls on his cell.

Sakaki: Thanks for your time Damian. There you have it folks, it looks like Damian Dracor is ready for round two with Magnum.


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Re: Dracor interview pre-match (finito)

Post by Guest on Fri Jul 05, 2013 7:54 pm

Shit, I don't have time now, might be able to do it later on but if not, would someone be able to add something for right after the match where I basically do to him what he did to me in our first match?


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