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Magnum/Minawa RP

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Magnum/Minawa RP

Post by @Magnum on Thu Aug 15, 2013 8:31 am

Youngin on his Grind begins to play as the arena erupts with cheers. Magnum is seen walking slowly onto the stage with his head all bandaged up. He slowly walks down the ramp with a noticeable limp and carefully enters the ring. He grabs a mic from the referee.

Nanael: I am very surprised to see our Blood Champion out here this week after what happened last week.
Airi: He does not look good at all Nanael. I don’t think I have ever seen the champ look this bad.
Nanael: It happened last week after a win against Laura Kinney a hooded figure jumped out of the crowd and into the ring and attacked Magnum.
Airi: Magnum didn’t even see it coming. I said it last week that coward will pay whoever it turns out to be.
Nanael: Let’s see what the champ has to say.

Magnum stands in the middle of the ring as the crowd awaits patiently for the champ to speak.

Magnum: Last week * Pauses* Last week I was attacked by some jackass after my match with Laura Kinney. Last week some * Pauses* little bastard blind sided me and brutally beat the hell out of me.

The crowd boos as Magnum puts the mic to his side and walks slowly from one side of the ring to the other.

Nanael: Magnum of course is speaking about what happened last week after his match.
Airi: Nanael yet again you prove to be useless, it’s obvious what he is doing, he is about to make a huge statement and you better shut up so we can all hear it.

Magnum: Now just because I am bandaged up and out here against the orders of the medics * Pauses* I want that little piece of trash to show their face and come out to the ring right now because you decided to pick a fight and yes believe me you have picked a fight with the wrong man. I am the QBC Blood Champion and as a Champion I have something to prove each and every week and this week it is to prove I ain’t scared of nobody. I ain’t going to let that attack keep me down, nothing will keep me down.

The crowd cheers as Magnum raises the QBC Blood Championship Belt up in the air.

Magnum: This belt means I am one of the best here in the QBC, it also means I am a target. Last week I was targeted and now it is time to find out who targeted me so we can handle it man to man or woman here in the squared circle. Not only will I beat the hell out of this person, this person won’t be recognizable by his own mother oh you can bet on that.

The crowd cheers some more for Magnum.

Nanael: The crowd is really supporting Magnum.
Airi: These are the same idiots who would boo every time he spoke last season. They are confused like you.
Nanael: What am I confused about?
Airi: Everything.

Magnum: No more sneak attacks, next week I want a match with this mysterious jackass. You hear me this is not a challenge this is a definite, your ass will be in this ring next week with me and I will show you why you chose to target the wrong man. Now the crowd chants along with Magnum Comment as you see fit!!

Magnum drops the mic and lifts the championship belt up to the fans before exiting the ring.

Nanael: Strong words from Magnum, I wonder who this person is and will they show up next week.
Airi: They better show up. Too bad the medics won’t let Magnum fight tonight.
Nanael: The medics didn’t even want Magnum out in the arena tonight he is still being taken care of in the medic center.
Airi: Our Blood Champion won’t let anything stop him from getting his hands on the trash who put him in the medic center.

Just then Bullet for my Valentine begins to play in the arena and the hooded figure jumps out of the crowd and into the ring with a mic in his hand.

Airi: What the hell is this?
Nanael: The hooded figure is out here right after Magnum has left.
Airi: Proves he is a coward. The person couldn’t even come out when Magnum called him out, unreal.
Nanael: Well the person has a mic let’s listen in.

The crowd boos as the hooded figure takes off the hood to reveal his identity.

Nanael: Wait a second that is Kyousuke Minawa, a rookie here in the QBC.
Airi: I never heard of this guy.
Nanael: We don’t know much about him but what we do know is he is the one behind the attack on Magnum last week.

Kyousuke Minawa: My name is Kyousuke Minawa and I am responsible for putting your Blood Champion in the medic center. * Laughs to himself *

The crowd boos

Kyousuke Minawa: Magnum said something before which makes a lot of sense. He is indeed a target and what better way for me to make an impression here in the QBC but to attack one of it’s main guys.
Nanael: Not behind their backs like that.
Airi: Coward.

Kyousuke Minawa: I am not out here to talk much you people don’t deserve to hear me speak.

The crowd boos louder.

Kyousuke Minawa: I will be here next week but not to fight Magnum. I will be here to finish him off for good, to finish what I started last week. Like him a fighter and a tough sob and there is only room for one in the QBC and that is me.

Kyousuke Minawa throws the mic away and slips out of the ring into the crowd to a chorus of boos.

Nanael: Next week Kyousuke versus Magnum. The cowardly rookie versus the champ. Should be great Airi.
Airi: This little runt doesn’t know what he is in for Nanael.
Nanael: What a start to season two of the QBC and now we know who is responsible for the attack on Magnum and both will go one on one next week. Should be an excellent match and we know from past experiences how Magnum comes back in revenge matches.
Airi: This rookie is done for. Nice knowing you Kyousuke, enjoy being the Queen’s foot rest for eternity.
Nanael: Alright Airi we have much more to come so everyone stay tuned because things are just beginning to heat up here on episode two of QBC’s season two.


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