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Amoni/Kataonia/Azuray RP

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Amoni/Kataonia/Azuray RP

Post by Sephira on Mon Aug 19, 2013 6:33 am

The camera cuts to The Pits, as Katatonia and Amoni can be seen together, walking down to the foot halls. In the distance, Azuray can be seen leaning against the wall’s, her arms folder as her wings are tucked in. As Katatonia and Amoni walk by, Azuray let’s out a loud hmph.

Amoni turn’s and notices Azuray against the wall.

Azuray: Well, well, well. How funny that you can be seen hanging of Katatonia’s arm after that pitiful match earlier. What are you doing with your life?

Katatonia tugs of Amoni’s arm to move, whispering to her not to waste her time on Azuray.

Azuray lets out a loud laugh.

Azuray: That’s right, go, you pair of weak pathetic fools. Katatonia you should be ashamed of yourself, letting such a weak little girl in here. She should be cast out, just like you… human.

Katatonia turns and faces Azuray, walking up face to face with her. She stares Azuray in the eyes as Azuray smirks.

Azuray: Do it. You know you can’t beat me you puny little human girl. I’ll make you beg for your mother.

Katatonia’s face in anger. Before she could act, Amoni grab’s her arm and pulls her back, reminding her of what she said to her. Azuray just folds her arms and grunts in disgust.

Azuray: That’s right, go. I’ll just beat you down next week. Protect the girl while you can, she won’t last a moment. Pathetic human.

Katatonia turns and faces Azuray, pointing at her with a look of disgust.

Katatonia: You know it’s funny you call us weak. Rich coming from a lesser demon like yourself. You think because you have horns and wings you’re instantly better; but you’ll never be nothing more then the Queen’s little dog.

Azuray look’s on in disgust as Katatonia turns her back and storms of, followed by a cautious Amoni.

Azuray: Queen’s little dog!? I’ll show you a thing or two that this “Dog” can do.
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