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Xalvador send a warning out

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Xalvador send a warning out

Post by Athenis on Tue Aug 27, 2013 10:25 pm

Fields of the Nephilim by Requiem XIII can be heard throughout the arena as Xalvador Leinhart makes his way onto the stage to a respectable applause from the audience. Mic in hand he makes his way to the ring, a certain confidence in the expression on his face is shown.

Sigui: Xalvador making his way to the ring here. looks like he has something to say.
Taki: And after his win last week why wouldnt he come out here to brag a bit.
Sigui: I highly doubt he's gonna brag Taki.

Xalvador: First off, i would like to thank you all for this warm introduction.

Crowd cheers

Xalvador: Now moving along. Anyone excited for next weeks PPV. Seems i'm gonna be in quite a big match.

Xalvador smirks, oozing confidence

Sigui: Thats right, next week is gonna be the match of a lifetime folks. Xalvador will be facing off against 5 others in our Chamber of Hell match.
Taki: I can't wait. You know there's gonna be blood shed in that match.

Xalvador: Now I know a lot of people can get a big head after winning their first match ever. And this being QBC, having the best fighters around, who wouldn't really? Especially after a hard fought match against a formidable opponent such as Drake Stone.

Taki: See here he goes. Off to brag about his victory.

Xalvador: Hmph,but im not gonna sit out here and brag about that. Bigger things on my mind. Looking forward, an elimination chamber match.

Xalvador smirks

Xalvador: From what i hear it seems to be a brutal match. Heh, plenty of blood am i right?

Crowd starts cheering we want blood!

Xalvador: Oh trust me, there will be plenty of that.

Taki: There better be.
Sigui: In a match like that it's almost guaranteed to happen.

Xalvador: Anyway, I'm out here for one reason and one reason only. I know i may be the "Rookie" here in QBC but after last week i kinda have things down. Basically what im trying to say here is this: Next week when we all step into that chamber of hell, my opponents better not take me lightly. They had best bring everything they can imaginable with them. And they better bring their right mind with them as well. Because once we're all in that chamber and that door is shut. I will unleash my vengeance upon any and all who are within. My wrath will be greater then any likes you have seen before. Heh, and trust me, the only people who will like what they see is the very crowd watching.

Xalvador smiles as he drops the mic and Fields of the Nephilim by Requiem XIII is heard once again.

Sigui: Seems Xalvador has confidence in himself. Very strong words there.
Taki: Well i don't think it's too smart to be shooting off his mouth like that. Bit overconfident to me.
Sigui: Taki, i wouldn't call it overconfident. He put on a great match last week.
Taki: Only part i liked is he guaranteed blood and carnage.

Xalvador exits the ring and starts walking up the ramp as the camera is cut off


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