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Savy Hogan's Gimmick

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Savy Hogan's Gimmick

Post by Rocky Hogan on Mon Nov 25, 2013 8:27 pm

Name – Savy Hogan

Age: 19

Out of ring pic:

Match pic:

Entrance Music – ‘Out of the Black’ by Royal Blood

Gimmick – A young wrestler looking to find his place in the world

Story – Still a baby Savy was left at the steps of a small city church. Together with his older brother they were raised with the rest of the orphaned children there. Growing up in a rough part of the city Rocky and Savy constantly got into trouble with local kids and the police. Regular visitors to a local run down wrestling gym Rocky and Savy were tutored by the owner; old man Cid. Seeing potential in the youngsters Cid put a lot of his time training them up while also trying to make sure they follow the right path and make the right choices. When the boys came of age Cid manage to get them trails with a local up and coming wrestling federation; Industrial Evolution Wrestling.

Impressing the talent scout Rocky and Savy were signed to a development contract. Everything was finally looking good for the brothers. A year later IWE was taken over by a new investor renaming itself to Cybernetic Industrial Evolution. Nothing much changed for a while; Rocky and Savy still younger teenagers were working daily to improve their abilities aiming for the day they would step into the ring.

Savy now 19 years of age is finally ready to step in the ring and make a name for himself. Together with his brother the two are ready to begin their story.

A confident young man Savy never shy’s away from a fight. Always ready with a cheeky comeback Savy will rush into anything he does; this often gets him in to a lot of trouble.

Enhancement – Tech Suit – Another brain child of Megan Rose. Named ‘The Rose’ the suit communicates with the implants installed in Savy’s body providing enhancements through Savy’s blood, muscles, and bones.

In Human Form:
Aggression: 50%
Intelligence: 50%
Charisma: 50%

In Suit Form:
Aggression: 60%
Intelligence: 60%
Charisma: 60%
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Re: Savy Hogan's Gimmick

Post by Rocky Hogan on Fri Nov 29, 2013 2:01 am

Rocky's and Savy's tag entrance:

'Out of the Black' by Royal Blood fills the arena. The crowd go wild and cheer with excitement. As the music starts to kick in Savy Hogan energetically bursts onto the entrance ramp pointing and pumping his arms towards the crowd shouting out confident phrases. He is followed by a confidently walking Rocky Hogan with Megan Rose closely behind the two. As Rocky comes to the centre of the ramp he stops and surveys the arena with a confident grin. Savy once finished moving around the entrance ramp comes to stand in front of Rocky. As the Music kicks back up Rocky Hogan produces an impressive front double biceps pose, while at the same time Savy mimics a Shawn Michaels pose. Red and Orange Fireworks shoot out from behind the duo towards the roof of the arena. Savy then makes his way to the ring high fiving as many fans as he can while Rocky Hogan walks towards the ring with Megan who is looking at readings on her data pad walking beside him. As the trio come up to the ring Rocky and Savy jump up first and sit on the middle rope to let Megan in first, Megan hops up onto the ring and shy enters the ring making her way towards Savy’s tech suit which is positioned in their corner. The two wrestlers follow; Savy climbing one of the turnbuckles to pump up the crowd, while Rocky waits near Megan for the entrance of their opponents. Savy then equips his tech suit and gets ready for a fight.
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