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The Mark's Gimmick

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The Mark's Gimmick

Post by The Mark on Wed Nov 27, 2013 1:29 pm

Name - The Mark

Entrance Music - My Song's Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up) Fall Out Boy

Gimmick - A Tesla Robot that strives to be human.

Story - Robot M.A.R.K (Multi-purpose Assist Robo-Kinetic) version THE is the first, and perhaps the last, robot meant to replicate all human emotion, thought, rationality, and fighting skill. Because of his obscenely long battery life and replicated organs, M.A.R.K. is often inter-changeable in gender, function, and personality for any need. This model, however, actively follows his own protocols and purposely ignores orders, making this model technically faulty. With questions of his own purpose beyond a fighter and a robot, he looks for answers in any form that can help him rationally believe he can be human.

His transgressions have not gone unnoticed by Tesla Corporation and in a hope to reign in this rebellious bot for immediate dismantling, is told that if he should fight in Industrial Revolution Wrestling for a full year without upgrades to his system, he can gain the secret to becoming human.

Aggression: 35%
Intelligence: 40%
Charisma: 55%
The Mark

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