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Event Log 6552A: Biometic Cell Experimentations #1

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Event Log 6552A: Biometic Cell Experimentations #1

Post by Sephira on Mon Dec 02, 2013 2:28 am

Stage 1 of 3;

Event Log: 6552A
Year: 6 A.Ea
...Starting video...

Lilyntte: I've done it! I've managed to merge a biotic cell source into the resource to allow it to merge into the red blood cells without causing negative effects on the white blood cell count, which originally caused the black marks to appear during the French Tragedy. It appears that the cells in the resource itself must be the dominant figure or else it'll go the offense and battle the blood cells, causing a total takeover and warping itself into the blood stream, causing a gas like substance to travel along the wall of the interior of the blood stream, leaking through and spreading over anything that is in contact of the original blood cells such as the liver, the lungs... and the brain and the heart.

Lilynette: But, I've found an alternative to this. I've been testing various biometric cell's through means of injection on mass produced organs from the medical lab that was recovered from the war and each one showed different results. I think you'll need to see this.

Lilynette moves the camera to a table showing various organs. She sets the camera down and grabs a box containing needles with liquid inside.

Lilynette: In these needles are various cell products from the biometric testing. The idea is, we inject the cells into the organs to strengthen the blood cells and warp them to reject if not merge themselves with the resource to allow a communicative barrier to form that allows the possibility of cybernetic insertion between the user and the resource fused emotion core from the special generator which is currently being maintained by Rowan Rose and her team of Engineers. I've requested a few Core samples which should arrive shortly which I plan to program to use.

Lilynette: I've already prepared for the next experiment of merging communication into human and A.I but I couldn't find a test subject. So... I've prepared to use myself. I want to see if I can form a communicative stream to my own A.I which is powered by a specially crafted and programmed Core that I have spent the last year extensively crafting and testing. Already it has read life signs from the tested organs and I believe I can make it read my own.

Lilynette lifts her coat, exposing her naked body. Along her rib cage a scar can be seen along with an exposed tube. She holds a small device against her rib cage which shows off an x-ray of her internal body, showing the tub feeding into her blood stream along with a small motherboard laying attached to her to her Heart.

Lilynette: Don't worry, this was mostly painless, adrenaline shots and painkillers have gone a long way since 2013. My plan is to attach my A.I to my back and feed my own blood stream into its main core before injecting myself with the Cell and Resource to try and spark the A.I to read my life signs and hopefully, in term allow me to read it's own. If this works, we can finally proceed with the plan to develop Cybernetic Implants as not only will there Core's be able to read human life signs... our select Engineer's could be able to read the user's life signs too! This could evolve onto Robotics allowing A.I to be involved in the medical procedures of Cybernetic Implantation and Repair! But first, let's not get carried away. I want to show you just how the Organs react to the Cells...

...Video stopped...

...Error, remaining video corrupted...

...Error, please contact System Administrator...
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