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After Lily's match

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After Lily's match

Post by Sephira on Thu Aug 08, 2013 1:12 am

As the man lays in a pool of blood in the centre of the ring, a blood soaked Lilynette walk's towards him; her expression more sadistic then useral. Her wings begin to expand as she stands beside the down man. She kneels beside him, her knees dipped in his blood as he lays looking into the distance. She puts her lips besides his ear and begins to whisper

Lilynette: I told you... it would be quick...

Lilynette begins to let of a feint giggle and licks the blood from the man's cheek before continuing.

Lilynette: But I forgot to mention... that it would be this painful...

The crowd begin to roar with blood lust, a call echos around the arena. "Finish him" continuously shouted by the member's in the crowd.

Lilynette stands to her feet, her wings begin to expand fully. She places her boot on the man's cheek, concealing the open wound from view and looks toward the crowd with a sadistic smile.

Lilynette: I see the people have spoken. Lucky for you, this time it will be quick and by the looks of it; you won't feel a thing...

Lilynette slowly lifts her boot up, hovering it above his head as her wings curve in, blocking the view from the camera. Suddenly she whispers "Game over" before suddenly slamming her leg down as the crowd roar. She turns, her wings following and continuing to block the view of the aftermath and begins to walk towards the camera as bloodied foot prints can be seen following her.

The Guard's around the ring all begin to rush into the ring, pulling the remains out of view as the crowd continue to roar with pleasure. Lilynette approaches the camera, standing before it as her wings begin to curve around. Her face filled with pleasure as she start's to whisper

Lilynette: Do you fear death... I hope for your sake the answer is no...

She suddenly places her hand over the camera, her bloodied palm blocking the view with only slight visibility between her fingers as she grasps onto the camera lense. Suddenly a cracking sound can be heard as her palm begins to slowly close around the camera, the view becoming fuzzy. She begins to laugh loudly, her eyes showing a red tint through the gaps between her fingers as the camera suddenly blacks out.
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