Queen's Blade Championship
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QBC Introduction

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QBC Introduction

Post by Sephira on Wed May 29, 2013 6:31 am

Queen's Blade Championship is an All Anime, ECW/Attitude Era inspired Hardcore Federation with multple personalitys. QBC is bringng its own custom matches, is pushing talent to expand its RP's into not just talking, but writing cutscenes and custom matches. Season 1 will include a unique match i.e Barb Wire match that will contain custom scenes,, special written moves and plenty of action. Also one fall matches will contain out of ring action, custom written, complete with Crowd intergration, weaponry and outside ring components. Aside from this QBC will contain 2 Announcers with their own back log and personalitys, who will be available for Dark Matches, Manager Arcs, Romance Arcs and may even be involved in story lines in terms of making booked appearances; these will have custom written move sets and will be heavily pushed by myself and VGM's should they be used.

Queen's Blade Championship takes place in an alter Reality, where the land is ruled by Lilynette, a Half-Demon Queen of Chaos. The world is the same as the one common in most Federations except Wrestling is a Blood Sport and has regular Tournaments to decide who is Realm Champion. Champions gain favour of the Queen and thus receive better treatment then the common Realm dweller, as well as Gold and other rewards; thus many people all over the Realm look to compete for a better way of life, as well as be known as Legends in the Realm. QBC Matches take part in a form of Colosseum and fighters are thrown into Cells after matches. The Crowds are very much like the old roman days.

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