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Songs of Love and Paradise (Show opener)

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Songs of Love and Paradise (Show opener)

Post by Sephira on Mon Nov 18, 2013 4:44 am

Sunlight and a glistening moon, path of the dawn of the sun shines among an open plains as the rush the wind brushes along the trees that surround the landscape far and wide. Water silk plains the grass along the distance, spreading the sunlight glow across far and wide as the sun raises above, siding with the moon above to create a beautiful landscape that crosses day and night into one as another day dawns in the world of tomorrow.

Awaken the birds that chirp their songs of love and paradise, sending a soft echo among the lands as the wind pushes the cold yet welcoming touch of death around all who exist in the world, a chill feeling of past and present combining into one that expels the souls of those that past as they ride into the arms of the universe between the sun and moon. Sing the songs of love and paradise, birds of the world, as another day dawns.

Behind the battle of the mist, two figures lay side by side amongst the plains, watched closely by the sun and moon as they whisper to each other; their echo's of curiosity heard faintly in the winds. Cold, the touch of the ground as the water droplets from the night before pleasure their embrace along the grounds, dampening the soil which the figures lay.

Alone however they are not, for more join the world from far and wide. Among the city of Skye no more, a small group find themselves in a new land filled with a presence like no other, searching the path that leads to their desires, yet shadowed by a mystery figure with knowledge that is ever lasting.

Another chapter is about to begin, as the birds sing high; let all witness the path to Dreams as the world awakens from its everlasting sleep.

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