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I Don't Want To Be Alone (Show 2 RP1)

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I Don't Want To Be Alone (Show 2 RP1)

Post by Rocky Hogan on Mon Nov 18, 2013 9:47 am

A gentle breeze had taken control of the afternoon providing the rhythm for the trees who were elegantly dancing with their neighbours back and forth, a calming sight to witness. The birds were enjoying the comforting warmth being provided by the sister suns sitting on their thrones at the top of the world. Everything was perfect for this day of celebration. Grand white marquees had been set up in the garden, playing house for the guests in attendance who were enjoying the food and entertainment on offer. Adults were communing together talking about their lives, the kids were running around energetically doing what kids do, all except one. She was sitting on the porch steps that led into the garden taking in the sight in front of her, not a worry on her face, life seemed perfect for her at that moment. But this feeling felt familiar, this place felt familiar, this day felt familiar. A sudden feeling of dread filled the girl’s eyes, she shot up onto her feet and dashed towards one of the windows. The feeling of dread soon turned into confusion, the reflection in the window was not of a little girl but of a 20 year old Megan Rose in a white frilly dress.

Megan Rose: This can’t be!  

???: There you are Megan come on the guests are waiting for you.

Megan: …

???: Megan? Are you ok?

Megan: Mother…  is that really you?  

Megan’s Mother: What?

There is a moment of silence between the two as they stand there looking at one another.  Megan’s mother looks at Megan with a confused look on her face, Megan looks at her mother in disbelief. Only in her dreams she sees her parents, was this a dream? No this felt too real, she was back home. Her parents were here, she could see her father in the marquee laughing his deep laugh with family and friends. And standing right in front of her was relief, relief that maybe the real dream was of being a demon hunter.

Megan’s Mother: Megan? Megan?

Without an answer Megan hurls herself towards her mother grasping so tight never wanting to let go of her again. Tears start to well up in her eyes, not tears of sadness but tears of joy. Surprised at first Megan’s mother stands there but then tightly hugs her daughter back.

Megan: I have missed you so much! It’s been so hard.

Megan’s Mother: What are you talking about girl I saw you 10 minutes ago! Now stop being silly uncle Cid has finally arrived with Rocky and Savy so everyone is now here.

The mention of Rocky sends an added sense of joy through Megan. She wanted to rush to him and tell him about her crazy dream. He would laugh at the thought of her being a demon hunter.

Megan: I’m ready.

Megan’s Mother: Sometimes chick I do wonder about you.

Megan’s mother offers Megan a warming smile and takes her hand. The two of them walk across the garden towards the main marquee. As they walk Megan notices a number of familiar scenes taking place around her making her feel a sense of déjà vu. Like her cousin Rhys chasing her best friend Emily with a frog he had found under one of the rocks in the pond, Her dog Rufus chasing the local stray cat towards the house, and the ‘happy birthday your 10 today banners’ hanging all over the garden.  Suddenly Megan freezes and a sudden feeling of weakness surges through her body.

Megan: No… This can’t be. No! No! No! This is not fair. Not this day anything but this day.

Megan’s Mother: Megan honey what’s the matter?

Megan still frozen frantically looks around, tears are streaming down her face and a look of despair begins to appear on her face. She turns to her mother who is staring at her with confusion.

Megan: Mum! You need to get everyone out of here!

Megan’s Mother: What!? Why?!


A scream echoes through the garden. Megan and her mother turn towards the main marquee as chaos breaks out. People are running in all directions, every one of them with a look of panic on their faces. Megan knows what happens next and the sudden burst of emotions explodes through her body; Horror, Hopelessness, Anger, Heartbreak.

Megan: No not again, please not again. Don’t leave me, don’t leave me alone again.

Megan overcome with emotions falls to the ground. The screams of her family the last sounds she hears before the darkness consumes her.

???: Megan! Megan! Megan!

Megan can hear a voice but there’s nothing around her but darkness. The voice continues to call her name. Megan wonders to herself.

Megan: I know that voice. What is he doing here? I’m meant to be alone, always alone. My destiny has no room for anyone else. That’s why it took my family, my parents. She wants me all to herself. I have accepted my fate.

???: Megan! Megan! Megan!

Megan: Leave me alone I want to rest, I’m so tired.

???: Megan! Megan! MEGAN!!!

A sudden shock impacts through Megan’s body and she starts to hear more sounds around her, she can’t quite make them out, her head is pounding and she feels all bunged up. She opens her eyes and sees blurry colours and realises that it was all just a dream after all, the same dream. As Megan’s sight becomes clear she can see Rocky sitting over her with a concerned look in his face.

Rocky: Megan! Thank the suns you’re ok! You had us all worried.

Megan goes to sit up but Rocky places a gentle hand on her shoulder and shakes his head. Megan looks up at him and smiles a weak smile.

Megan: Where am I?

Rocky: Honestly I have no idea, some place we have never been to. Savy and Cid have been here waiting with me but they eventually managed to convince me to let them go out and get some more supplies, we’re running low. You’re not going to believe your eyes when you see it! I couldn’t leave you I wanted to stay by your side until I knew you were ok. After we went through the doorway all of us were a bit drowsy but it hit you the worst you managed to walk a couple of steps but then you collapsed. You have been out for two days. So we managed to find an inn, you’re still not ready to get up so lay back ,you need to get a little more rest.  I will tell you everything fully when you wake up.  

Megan smiles at Rocky looking into his eyes. Still drowsy she admires the man in front of her.

Megan: You have beautiful eyes. I can get lost in them all day.

Megan obviously still no fully herself grabs Rocky’s hand and snuggles back into her pillow tightly cuddling his arm.  Rocky confused by Megan’s reaction towards him put’s her words to the back of his mind as a side effect of the drowsiness and watches her as she closes her eyes.

Megan: Stay with me ok, don’t leave me alone.

Rocky: I’m not going anywhere. I won’t leave your side.

Megan holds onto his words as she lets the darkness consume her once again. Thinking to herself one more time.

Megan: I don’t want to be alone.
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