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Match Intro (needs adding to)

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Match Intro (needs adding to)

Post by Rocky Hogan on Thu Dec 12, 2013 3:54 am

Hey Lily here is my part for the intro I will see if I can add anything else once you add you bit.

The Ringmaster stands in the ring, the cut still fresh on his cheek. He looks uncomfortable as a drop of sweat flows down from his forehead past his check and dangles on his freshly shaven chin. With one eye fixed on Lilynette he is strangely both afraid and drawn to the mysterious aura that surrounds her. Feeling consumed and seduced the Ringmaster produces a fake smile on his face as he addresses the crowd

Ringmaster: For you pleasure tonight Telsa Corporation has arranged a once in a life time show. With sponsorship from Last Line Prison we have two death row inmates that will compete right in this very ring! With the chance to earn their freedom they will fight our newly designed A.I. in an epic encounter.

The crowd gasps in shock at the announcement and start to mumble between themselves. Looking more comfortable the Ringmaster continues.

Ringmaster: So ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce to you to our contestant’s. Our first competitor was Jailed for the murder of the Fielder family, A despicable human being known in prison as the hallway cannibal, due for death by injection but agreed to fight for his survival; Frank Reeper! Our second competitor harassed the streets of Slumland raping and pillaging for over 10 years until his arrest. Due for death by lethal injection. Known to the world as Handsome Paul, ladies and gentleman I present; Paul Rodgers!

Silence consumes the arena as the guests start to look left and right in anticipation for the criminals. After a short wait the lights dim and four spotlights move towards one of the arena corners. From behind black curtains appear a number of armoured security guards. Painted on the front of their armour are the words; LLP. In the middle of the guards are two men dressed in yellow prison overalls. Frank has a bald head and a brown bushy beard. With a number of piecing’s all over his face he is grinning confidently. The second man; Paul has long greasy grey hair and black stubble; he is very skinny and looks ill. The crowd realising who the men are begin to fill the arena with hisses, many of them throwing insults towards the criminals. The guards direct the men towards the ring in the centre of the arena. As they enter the guards shoves Frank and Paul into a corner. The guards surround them preventing them from harassing the crowd.

Ringmaster: And introducing their opponents, their judgement, and their executioners. For the first time in human history! May I introduce to you the future of sports entertainment! EEELLLOOOXXXIII EEEIIIGGGHHHTTT!!! AANNDD NNNEEEPPPTTTUUUNNNIIIAAA EEELLLEEEVVVEEENNN!!!

The Camera turns to an Entrances as two figures can be seen standing in the darkness. Their body's begin to light up as the lights slowly begin to rise, showing two female shaped A.I standing side by side. Both of equal shape and size but very different appearances. They both walk hand in hand towards the ring, walking slowly with a slight swing of the hips as they both wave at the crowd who begin to cheer in excitement at seeing the beautiful female A.I in person. They both walk up the opposing step's and enter into the ring where they stand and wave at the crowd, even blowing kisses towards some lucky viewers. Eloxi VIII turns to Neptunia XI and acknowledges the scenario before leaving the ring and powering down outside of the ring.

The security guards leave Frank in the corner of the ring and escort Paul to ringside where they surround him while still keeping an eye on Frank. Neptunia XI stands motionless in the middle of the ring. The crowd are silent as they await the start of the match. The referee enters the ring and to the surprise of the crowd they can see that this is no human referee; in the shape of a portly human the A.I. is painted black and white, a very short A.I. standing no higher than 5’8. Signalling for the bell to ring the match begins. The arena remains deafly silent as Frank warily approaches Neptunia XI. Standing inches away from the A.I. Frank is dwarfed by the beautifully built machine in front of him. Tall with a shiny black steel coating. Her eyes blue with silver steel hair that reaches down to her hips. Her body extremely elegant without a single uneven surface to find. After a moment of no response from the A.I. frank turns looking at the crowd smiling and shrugging his shoulders.


Frank turns towards Neptunia XI and begins his assault.

(Enter moves here)

After a number of blows from the criminal Neptunia XI remains motionless, Frank with visible cuts to his hands from the assault on the machine turns towards the crowd once more and laughs out loud.


As if sensing the confidence in her opponent Neptunia XI explodes to life, bright lights appear all over her body and her eyes light up looking monstrously cruel. Frank turns to face the A.I. but a look of dread consumes his face and he freezes in terror before the approaching juggernaut. Standing firm with her fists now clenched, she slowly walks towards Frank, with each step causing the ring to shaking. As Frank looks down he notices each time her foot hits the floor, the ring begins to sink in as if she weighed several tons. He quickly tries to regain composure and goes to strike Neptunia.

(Enter moves here)
The crowd roar to life as Neptunia XI displays her skill in the ring. With no love for the criminal the crowd encourages Neptunia XI to continue the assault on the criminal. Somewhere amongst the crowd Rocky and Savy Hogan are attempting to be good waiters but are failing miserably. As they come together they watch the fight for a moment. Dressed in black tuxedos and carrying a tray of empty and full glasses of champagne they look on at the fight with serious faces.

Savy: Holy **** bro so this is what they got planned for IEW.

Rocky: Looks that way.

Savy: How the hell are we supposed to fight against something like that!

Rocky: We’re not! Well not in our current state. There are rumours going round the locker room that once Telsa takes over completely they are going to start offering the fighters that want to stay body enhancements.

Savy: No Telsa shirt is going to be enhancing any parts of my body...

Savy looks down at his crouch area.

Savy: Well a guess it depends on what type of enhancement they are offering… but I’m not having anyone tamper with my fighting hands no way!

Rocky: I agree little brother. I agree.

(Enter moves here)  

Frank lies in the middle of the ring a bloody mess, a number of his bones crushed to pieces, his face an unrecognizable mess. Neptunia XI stands over the opponent with not a scratch on her. The crowd are cheering the A.I; they look like they are enjoying the spectacle. After a moment the Ringmaster enters the ring and encourages the crowd to applaud.


Neptunia XI turns and walks towards her corner and exits the ring. Positioning herself next to Eloxi VIII she powers down and remains motionless. Meanwhile in the ring a number of the security guards drag Frank out of the ring and handcuff him to the ringside rails, although there is no need as Frank is still motionless and limp.

Ringmaster: And now for our second event of the night. Introducing our second contest for the evening, ladies and gentlemen I give you Paul Rodgers!

The security guards escort Paul into the ring; however at the last moment Paul makes a run for it but is blocked by the security guards behind him. Falling to his knees Paul looks terrified and is begging towards the security guards.

Paul Rodgers: Please don’t make me fight! I’d rather die! Take me back to Last Line! Please! I beg you! I didn’t know what I was signing up for, but I’ve changed my mind please don’t make me fight!

The security guards ignore the criminal. With a smile on his face the Ringmaster continues to address the crowd.

Ringmaster: And his opponent. A true masterpiece in engineering, a beautifully designed A.I. and the first A.I. to have ever been installed with the Telsa Corporations Emotion Core, ladies and gentlemen I give to you EELLOOXXII EEIIGGHHTT!!

Eloxi VIII boosts into the ring from ringside elegantly and lands in the middle. Looking like a beautiful metallic woman she receives a welcoming reaction from the crowd. Standing innocently in the middle of the ring she watches as the security guards throw Paul at her feet. With tears streaming down his face the terrified Paul tries to reason with the A.I.

Paul Rodgers: Please don’t do this! I didn’t know what I was agreeing to! Please let me go.

Eloxi VIII does not react to the pleas and just watches the man in front of her. The A.I. referee signals for the bell to ring and the match begins. Eloxi VIII swiftly takes a fighting stance and watches Paul as he cradles into a ball, his whole body shaking. The A.I. does not move and stays motionless for a moment. Realising that she has not attacked Paul raises his head and stares towards the A.I. Eloxi VIII suddenly stands at ease and the crowd gasp in what they are seeing. A smile appears on Pauls face.

Paul: Thank you! Thank you!

The crowd begin to boo while engineers run around the ring looking confused. From her seat Lilynette looks annoyed but calm. She quickly grabs her Datapad and begins to tap away quickly with a growing smile etching across her face.

Eloxi VIII stands there looking towards the criminal, tilting her head; a comforting sound is produced by her body. The A.I. slowly offers her hand towards the criminal and Paul weary at first eventually takes it and the A.I. gently pulls him to his feet. With a relieved smile on his face Paul turns to exit the ring. A jolt sparks through Eloxi VIII’s body and some of the white lights on her body turn red. From her seat Lilynette can be seen smiling. The A.I. keeps hold of Paul’s hand. Realising that the A.I. is not letting go of his hand the feeling of terror returns to Paul’s face, Eloxi VIII pulls the criminal towards her.

(Enter moves here)

The battered body of Paul falls to the mat, with broken bones and cuts all over his body he lies motionless. The red lights on Eloxi VIII change to the original light blue lights, looking around the arena as if she does not where she is Eloxi VII notices Paul lying on the mat. Walking over to him she kneels by his side and strokes his bloodied face. Even though there is no expression on her face you get the feeling that she is sorry for what she has done. The Ringmaster enters the ring with a smile on his face.


Half of the security guards enter the ring and drag Paul into the middle of it and position him lying with his face to the mat. The other half of the security guards have brought in the conscious but physically destroyed Frank and they place him in a similar position. Neptunia XI enters the ring and takes her place at the side of Eloxi VIIII. With confused looks on the faces of the crowd the Ringmaster continues.

Ringmaster: What a pleasant evening it has been ladies and gentlemen. I hope you have enjoyed our presentation tonight. And before we begin the after party there is just one more delight that we have for you. As you know both our contestants here failed to beat our two amazing specimens thus keeping them from gaining their freedom, so unfortunately for them they still face their future fates on death row. But thanks to the generosity of Last Line Prison their fates will be ended tonight!

The crowd gasp with some of them cheering. Standing at the back are two brothers with serious looks on their faces.

Rocky: I think it’s time for us to take our leave little brother.

Savy: Yep we don’t need to see this.

Leaving the main arena they exit walking through the back corridor and into the main backstage area, heading for the exit they are chased down by the Events manager.

Events Manager: Hey! Where are you two going!? you still have hours left on your shift!

Rocky: Sorry shirt but we’re not feeling too good.

Savy coughs in the Events Managers face. With a disgusted look on his face the Events Manager wipes it with a handkerchief from his pocket.

Savy: I think it’s contagious!

Events Manager: This is outrageous! You two are the worst waiters I have ever worked with! Your boss will hear about this!

Rocky: We look forward from hearing from him.

Rocky smiles towards the Events Manager and leaves the building. Savy with a cheeky smile on his face follows his brother winking towards the Events Manager as he leaves, visibly annoyed the Events Manager storms off finding someone else to shout at. Meanwhile back in the main arena the Ringmaster continues the show.

(Lily thought you would like to add the execution bit here. Don’t forget to add the stuttering of Eloxi VIII.)
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Re: Match Intro (needs adding to)

Post by Sephira on Sat Dec 14, 2013 9:59 am

Just need to do Execution, will add it as it's own Segment directly after the matches
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