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Revelation of the champion's past part 1.

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Revelation of the champion's past part 1.

Post by Guest on Mon Sep 02, 2013 7:24 am

The scene turns to the familiar backstage hallway of QBC, the hallway is fairly clean despite of being somewhat crowded, there are artistic, well made posters that all say ''Queen's Blade Championship'' or ''Queen Lilynette''. Although the hallway is long, it is only crowded from one side; the one closer to the ring, the side closer the cells is almost empty. In that familiar hallway stand a few guards of both genders, some staff members in uniform and headphones walking back and forth, talking to guards and the combatants on the side who are mostly warming up.

It was a normal, typical night in the backstage area of QBC, until the giant 7'5'' foot tall Blade champion appears on the empty side of the hallway, making his way to the more crowded side of the hallway, Chris was wearing his usual clothes, but was holding the Blade title on his shoulder a lot tighter than usual, his eyes were red and he was walking at a fast, steady pace. After a few seconds of walking, he stops somewhere in the crowded side of the hallway, a conversation between two combatants, both combatants were around 6'3", one of them looked pretty pissed while the other seemed to be calming him down, they were both standing on the side of the hallway, facing each other. The conversation sparked a weird interest from Chris' side, causing him to stop and watch them argue, they didn't notice him, he overheard the following argument.

Combatant 1 (the angry one): This is unacceptable man! Unacceptable! We need to pick it up!

Combatant 2: Look man, nothing happened, it's just a loss, even the best take a loss from time to time..

Combatant 1: [in a sarcastic tone] Oh really?

Combatant 2: Yeah, look at the Blade's champion for example, he--

The combatant immediately stops as he notices the giant of a champion approaching him at a slow pace while focusing his red eyes straight into the combatant's, the stare scared him a bit, but not more than the slow walk, Chris unstraps his title and holds it in his left hand, and he speaks in a low, disturbing, angry whisper once he is close enough to the combatant, Combatant 1 had already left by then.

Chris Hunt: What...did you say?

The combatant cowers back slowly until his back is against the wall, the fear can be seen clearly from his facial expression, he chooses to stay quiet and tries to avoid eye contact, little did he know that he would get punished anyway, before he could even think of what he can do, Chris Hunt pulls back his right hand and punches the combatant straight in the jaw, and he doesn't stop there, he continues to rain right hands on the grounded combatant as he yells incomprehensible words at him.

Chris only stayed on the combatant for a few seconds before three of the queen's overpowered guards came to hold him back, but it was enough to knock out the combatant and turn his face into a crimson mask

The camera turns back to Chris, who is still staring at the grounded, bloodied, knocked out combatant with an angry expression, he places the Blade title -which was still in his left hand- on his shoulder, and yells at the grounded combatant.


The guards start pulling Chris back, the camera stays fixed at the crowded part of the hallway, causing the champion's yelling to be slowly faded out as the three guards slowly drag him to the other side of the hallway.

Chris Hunt: I am a winner, I am the champion!! I am the best! I AM NOT A LOSER!!

The camera then slowly fades to black but quickly cuts to a new area, the area infront of the champion's furnished cell, this area is a lot different from the hallway, it's quiet and cold, the champion's cell is far from all the others, so it's also lonely and depressing, Chris Hunt is now being dragged to his cell by two guards rather than three, he was much calmer now, his facial expression went from angry to blank, his title was still in his left hand you won't tell by just looking at him but he is deep in thought, mostly thoughts about his past compared to his present, about his parents, all triggered by a few words he overheard from a complete stranger.

Both male guards slowly let go of him once they notice that he is calm enough, one of them reluctantly goes to open the cell while looking at the champion the whole time and the other stays there just in case, the guard next to the cell's door reaches down to his right pocket slowly and pulls out a big key, he shoves the key in the cell's door and turns it then pushes the door forward so it would open, while Chris, who still has a blank expression on his face starts to walk towards his ''fancy'' cell, the guards nod in respect to their champion before they walk away.

The camera now turns to show the cell itself, where Chris Hunt walks in, takes a deep, exhausted breath, then unstraps the title from his waist, places it gently on the couch and sits next to it, he takes another deep breath after he is seated, he leans back and looks at the ceiling, alone with nothing but his precious title, a cold, gentle, relaxing breeze of air going through body,and his thoughts. By now he has snippets of different flashbacks erupting through his skull, from his father talking to him to playing with his friends to his pro-wrestling career, and suddenly out of all the mess and confusion, an old event suddenly travels from his subconscious mind to his conscious one, a painful event, one that shaped his character, his life, and caused him to be what and where he is today, it's amazing how much one day can do to a person's life. Chris starts to remember the story more vividly now:

[Flashback picture]


The scene turns to show a bird-eye view of a normal playground in what seems to be a pre-school, it's daytime and the weather seems fine, the playground is pretty big and is full of kids who are all dressed in the same uniform, the kids of both genders are scattered all over the playground, they're all aged from 9-11. Some are playing, some are eating, some are talking, most of them seem like they're having a good time, except for one, one child who particularly stood out amongst all the children in the school's playground, the reason for that was his size compared to the other children, he had the height of a high school student but the face of a 11 year old boy. That boy was young, 11 year old Chris Hunt.

Chris was sitting alone on one of the benches, he looked as depressed as an 11 year old child can possibly look, he was leaning forward, resting his elbows on his thighs, his eyes were closed, he was trying to block all the happiness and cheering around him and possibly think straight. Just when he was about to succeed at doing that, an old lady comes up to him.

The old lady was everything you would picture in an old hag, she was short, shorter than Chris, her back was hunched at a disturbing angle and her face was more wrinkled than heavily used aluminium foil, she also had an angry expression on her face, which somehow made it look worse, the lady stood infront of Chris.

Old hag: Hey you!! You! Get up boy!

Chris Hunt raises his head and leans back on the bench, he looks at the old woman with his innocent, child-like innocent facial expression which took the old woman by surprise.

Old hag: What are you doing in the children's playground!? GET BACK TO CLASS IMMEDIATELY!!

Chris doesn't move a muscle as the mean, old, ugly, wrinkled beast yells at him, instead he quickly reaches down to his pocket with his right hand and pulls a card out, he then extends his right hand to the old woman, to show her the card and says something in a quiet, dull voice.

Chris Hunt: I'm 11.

He pulled out the card and told the old witch his age with a very dull facial expression and voice, as if he had done this many times before, and he has....the old hag takes the card and takes one look at it then extends her arm, handing it back to the huge child, Chris extends his right arm, grabs the card from the woman's hand and places it back in his pocket. The hold hag turns to leave and says something that Chris hears while she is leaving.

Old hag: What has this world come to....

Chris just sighs and goes back to his old position, he rests his elbows on his thighs, looks down, closes his eyes, and attempts to block all the happiness around him in order to maybe stay focused in his own misery and thoughts, and right when he was soon to accomplish that, he heard somebody calling out his name, it was a child's voice, it sounded a bit rough and mean, but still very young.

Child: Chris! Over here you stupid freak!

Chris Hunt opens his eyes with a sigh, raises his head, and leans his back backwards, Chris Hunt sees a short child staring at him from a short distance, the boy had short, flat, blonde hair, he was short, for some reason wasn't dressed in uniform, and had a group of other kids behind him. The boy and the 4-5 other boys behind him all had a cheeky smile on their faces.

Chris: Just leave me alone Gary, alright?

The child in the front, who can now be identified as Gary starts to laugh sarcastically, which triggers his group of bullies to laugh as well, and just like sheep, also stop immediately after he does

Gary: Or what? You're gonna step on me, freak?

Gary laughs again, which causes his mini gang of bullies to follow and laugh along again, Chris just reacts by taking a deep breath, then he stands up and walks away.

The camera zooms into Gary and his group to show them laughing at Chris, as the camera slowly fades to black, but immediately cuts to a new location, this time it's a house's living room, by the looks of the furniture, it seems like a middle class' family house, inside the living room, there is a small TV on one side of the room, a high, big, brown couch on the opposing side with a window on the wall it's leaning on that shows it's daytime, and a single cushion couch to the side, and infront of a big couch sits a big wooden coffee table.

On the big couch sits an extremely tall man watching the television,the man is sitting upright with his eyes focused on the television, the man had long, thick black hair, brown eyes and a thick, short black beard, he looked a lot like Chris Hunt, he was wearing a tank top and what seems to be beach shorts, he is sitting completely still with his eyes focused on the small TV. Voices of excited commentators can be heard from the television.

Suddenly little 11 year old Chris Hunt can be seen walking in the room carrying a backpack, he has a blank look on his face as he walks in the room.

Chris Hunt: Hey dad...

Chris' father does not move a muscle, not even his eyeballs, he just opens his mouth and rushes a few words out.

Chris' father: Yeah yeah hi son sit down and watch this.

Chris Hunt throws his backpack on the ground and sits down on the one cushion couch and stares at the television screen, but not with nearly the same amount of interest as his father, little Chris Hunt looks at his father after some time and opens his mouth to speak again.

Chris Hunt: Erm...dad...what am I?

A woman walks into the room at that moment and sits down next to Chris' father, the woman was pretty short compared to Chris Hunt and his father, she was blonde, looked in her early 30s and was generally a good looking woman, she just sits down next to Chris' father without saying a word, she just stared at him, but he still doesn't move a muscle or shift his focus from the small TV.

Chris Hunt: Dad...

The woman suddenly frowns and speaks in a slightly aggressive tone while looking at Chris' father.

Woman: Jordan! Just talk to the boy already!....it's time.

Chris' dad, now identified as ''Jordan'', just shakes his head rapidly, looking irritated, then reaches for the remote and his the power button on it with his thumb with force, probably triggered by his anger. Jordan then looks at Chris, who is still staring at him with a blank, innocent facial expression, takes a deep breath before he pauses to calm down, then opens his mouth to speak

Jordan: Alright son, what is it?

Chris immediately and anxiously opens his mouth to speak without any hesitation.

Chris Hunt: What am I?

Jordan: What do you mean? You're a human being?

Chris rolls his eyes, irritated that his father is avoiding the question, the woman, clearly the mother, still sitting next to Jordan, just watches the argument in silence. Chris then opens his mouth and answers in a louder, more aggressive tone.

Chris Hunt: Stop it dad, just tell me what we are, and why we're this tall, I'm sick of this!
Jordan sighs and leans his back backward on the couch, then turns his face to face his wife who nods affirmatively.

Chris' mother: It's time...

Jordan starts to look worried, still facing his wife, he opens his mouth to speak as Chris Hunt just watches from the background with what seems to be a very angry expression

Jordan: But Christie...he's not ready....

Christie puts places her palm on Jordan's forearm and makes her voice a lot softer in an attempt to comfort Jordan

Christie (the mother): Look Jordan...I hate this more than you do and you know that, I am his mother! But it's your tradition, and it's time, we can't escape it...you know that more than anyone...

Jordan takes another deep breath as he slowly turns back to face his anxious son, Chris, then rubs his beard with his palm as he stares his son straight in the eyes, as if about to deliver some bad news.

Jordan: Chris...you asked what you are, and I must answer you...but you have to understand that by asking me this, you have triggered an unavoidable chain of events, and when I say unavoidable, I mean completely unavoidable...

Jordan pauses to collect his thoughts and form his next sentences, Chris opens his mouth again in an attempt to speak but gets cut off by his father

Jordan: Please son, just leave the talking for me here, alright

Jordan stares his son in the eyes, Chris just nods

Jordan: You see Chris, this all started about 60 years ago, in the early 1900s, huge creatures called Titans,which are dismissed as mythical everywhere, actually existed, those creatures were huge, each one was the size of a building, the reason they were never documented is because they appeared for a very short time and then suddenly disappeared, but before they did, a few of them somehow, someway, managed to mate with human females, who gave birth to children with the strength and power of a titan, but with a limited size due to the human trait being involved...and as those children grew up and mated with other humans, they gave birth to children just as big, generation, after generation, after generation.

Chris is now staring in amazement at his father, the tall child even has his jaw open without realising it.

Jordan: And as those generations passed, traditions and laws were formed, for example, one of which dictates that every Hunt male must marry and mate with a fully human woman, and ONLY a human woman. In the early 60s, the Hunt makes started taking part of the art of pro-wrestling, it was then decided that the art of pro-wrestling was perfect for us, and it is...since then, it was decided that every Hunt male MUST become a pro-wrestler, and must succeed at it, there is no room for losers in the Hunt family...
By now Chris has the same amazed look on his face, he realises that his jaw was open as he drools a bit on his chin, he immediately closes his jaw and waits for his father to finish

Jordan: It was more of a law than a tradition, and not following the law...erm

Jordan pauses and swallows before finishing

Jordan: A Hunt male must start his wrestling career once he first asks question about himself and why he's different, which you did, and according to our la---I mean, tradition, you shall have your first match tonight, if you win, you continue with your wrestling career, and if you lose....well...there is no room for losers in the Hunt family.

Chris Hunt nods slowly as the camera slowly fades to black, but yet again, turns to a new location, this time it's in a noisy dim hallway that contains nothing but a passage where the noise and a little bit of light is coming from, the passage is covered by a thick black curtain, Chris Hunt and his father, Jordan are also in that small area, Jordan, standing at 7'2'' feet tall can be seen wearing casual clothing, a shirt and some jeans, while the abnormally tall 11 year old child, Chris Hunt, is dressed in long wrestling tights, elbow and knee pads, and no shirt.

Jordan is leaning down and talking to his son, who can be noticed shaking right about now, Chris' facial expression is one of a worried, scared child, after all, he is only 11 and he is gonna take part of a wrestling match that will decide his future.

Jordan: So it's like I explained, your opponent will be about the same height and weight as you are, in the ring, you just do as you've seen on television, just hurt your opponent bad enough to pin him and remember, there is no room for losers in the Hunt family..

Jordan pauses to let his 11 year old nervous child process all of this, Chris now looks even more nervous, and is now shaking with fear, but despite of the extreme anxiety, fear and confusion, he manages to utter a few words.
Chris: D-da-daddy?....w-wha-what if...I l-lose?

Jordan takes a deep breath, bends his knees, and goes down so he can face the giant, nervous, confused mess of a child that is his son, then looks him in the eyes.

Jordan: Son....I don't care what you do, or how you do it once you open that curtain and walk out there, all that matters is that you win, victory is all that matters, how you achieve it is unimportant...and if you lose...well...nobody would be able to help you, there is no room for losers in the Hunt family, let's leave it at that....

Chris Hunt closes his eyes for a moment and tries to pull himself together, he tries to at least focus hard enough to stop his legs from shaking, he manages to take a deep breath and reduce the anxious shaking created by his body, then tries to focus, but to no avail, he keeps hearing his father's words again and again in his mind: ''there is no room for losers in the Hunt family, there is no room for losers in the Hunt family, there is no room for losers in the Hunt famil--''

Jordan: Chris!

Chris snaps back to reality, he had been unaware of his surrounding for the last 5 minutes, but was brought back to reality by his father, he can now hear music, the lights behind the black curtain are much brighter than before, so is the cheering noise.

Jordan: Pre-match meditation is great, but you're up next, go go go!

Chris holds his breath as he goes through the curtain, and right after he goes through, he looks around in shock and disbelief, he looks around the arena, not knowing of what to make of the sights before him, from the hundreds of cheering fans, to the ramp, to the ring, where the referee, Chris' opponent and the announcer were waiting, Chris decides to try and block everything out to focus at the task in hand, but as he starts walking down the ramp, his father's cold voice keeps repeating through his head: ''There is no room for losers in the Hunt family, there is no room for losers in the Hunt family'' he wondered what his father meant by that, but he didn't have much time to think, he was already by the ring, he uses his strong arms to climb to the apron then lowers his head and goes into the ring awkwardly between the third and second rope.

As soon as Chris got into the ring, he stopped thinking about his father's words, he stopped thinking about the arena, instead he was staring at his opponent, studying him..or at least trying to, it's what his father had instructed him to do. His opponent was about the same height and size as him, which is a product of his father's backstage talks, he had long, straight blonde hair reaching to his ears, blue eyes, and one of the most charismatic smiles Chris had ever seen. His opponent was also shirtless, his abs looked good, he made sure of it, he was also wearing tight pants and elbow pads, standing behind him giving him what seems to be an unprofessional back massage was a good looking blonde girl who was slightly shorter than him and was wearing a dress that almost exposes her private(sensitive) areas.

Chris tried, but he didn't really know what to make of his opponent, he couldn't tell that he was a charismatic ladies' man because he was too young to know about this kind of thing. There was also a male announcer in the middle of the ring, the announcer looked old, had thick white hair, and was wearing a suit.

Announcer: Introducing first on my left, weighing in at 220 pounds and standing at a 6 feet tall, a 5th generation wrestler who comes from the prestigious Hunt family, he is making his debut here tonight, he is CHRIIIIISSSS HHHUUUUNNNNTTT

The crowd explodes in cheers as Chris Hunt closes his fist and raises his arms, just as instructed by his father. Chris looks around the arena at the hundreds in the crowd cheering for him, it amazed him that these people were cheering for him without even knowing him, or seeing him fight, but they were still expecting him to give a good match.

Announcer: And on my right, accompanied by Rita Felagio weighing in at 210 pounds and standing at 5'11, JOOOOHHNNNYYY ANNNDDDEEERRRRSSOOON

The crowd started to boo Johnny which made Chris wonder about the nature of the crowd's reaction, the suddenly these thoughts were invaded by his father's voice in his head again, saying he same words: ''there is no room for losers in the Hunt family, there is no room for losers in the Hunt family'' again and again, which made him anxious again, he had never wrestled before and he was just a 11 year old child...he had the body of a high school senior, but the still, the mind of a 11 year old child.

Both wrestlers approached the middle of the ring as the bell rings, announces the start of the match

The two wrestlers stare proudly at each other
and then engage in a exciting test of strength, trying to overcome their opponent
after a few, seemingly endless, seconds and an enormous effort Chris Hunt prevails

Chris Hunt approaches his opponent and on instinct, pulls his arm back and strikes his opponent with a STRONG punch

Chris Hunt grabs his opponent's arm, and irish whips him to the ropes with ease
then, as he waits for his opponent to come back, raises his foot to strike him with a VIOLENT Big Boot

Chris Hunt raises his head to look at the crowd, then raises his arms again, enjoying the pleasant reaction from the crowd. While turned around, Johnny had already gotten up.

Johnny runs at Chris and hits him with the taut of his arm to the back of the head, executing a STRONG Clothesline to the back!

Johnny's shot drives Chris to his knees, he quickly gets up and turns around

Chris Hunt runs at name and raises his arm, going for the clothesline, but Johnny ducks under Chris' arm, causing Chris to continue his run to the ropes, where both his legs get grabbed by Rita Felagio, who was just outside the ring. The referee didn't notice this, despite of it causing 11 year old huge child to fall down pretty hard on his head.

Johnny takes advantage of this, he immediately goes and gets Chris up

Johnny Anderson grabs his opponent, lifting him into the air with one arm tucked bending his opponents leg
and drops him head first to connect with a LEGENDARY Cradle Piledriver!!

Johnny Anderson tries a pinning maneuver
Referee starts counting...
Referee: ....Oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....
Referee: ....Twooooooooooooooooo....
Referee: ....Threeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....

The referee approaches Johnny and raises his arm in victory, as the crowd boo's loudly Johnny raises his other arm too which causes the crowd to boo louder. Rita makes her way in the ring and approaches Johnny, Johnny pulls his hair back and kisses her a soft kiss on the mouth before they both leave the ring, leaving Chris Hunt alone in the middle.

Chris slowly gets his back up and sits straight in the middle of the ring, he looked like a mess, he felt like a mess, he was sore and exhausted, but none of that mattered to him, because he knew that he had screwed up, he then wonders what his father meant by ''there is no room for losers in the Hunt family'', and what the consequences that his mother talked about were, he figured he was about to find out, he didn't want to, but he knew that he was going to.

He decides to stop delaying it, since he knew it was gonna come anyway, so he got up to his feet slowly, walked to the ropes and leaned to go under the top rope which caused his neck immense pain, but he kept going anyway. He left the ring, clutching on his neck with his hand, and started walking up the ramp, back to where he entered from, the camera follows him closely. He opens the thick black curtain and calls for his father, but nobody can be seen there but himself, until a man wearing headphones and a black polo shirt with ''STAFF'' written on the back approaches him, walking at a ridiculously fast pace.

Staff member: Mr. Hunt? Please follow me to your locker room.

Chris opens his mouth to speak but the staff member had already walked away, pacing across the hallway, Chris quickly closes his mouth and follows him.

The camera fades away and cuts to a new area, this time it's a room full of shelves and drawers leaning on all 4 walls, and on each one of the 4 sides, lie either a bench or a group of folded steal chairs leaning against the wall. It looked liked the ideal locker room.

Chris was sitting on one of the benches, he was still in his ring attire and he had an ice pack in one hand that he was pressing against his neck and the side of his head as he was cringing in pain, then suddenly, the door to the room opens and Chris' gigantic father walks in, he is wearing the same casual clothes he was when he last talked to his son in the backstage area, but unlike last time his son saw him, this time he had a frown on his face, and he was carrying a bag in his right bag, a pretty big one. Chris just sits in his place and looks at him, waiting for him to say the first word, Chris puts the icepack down as Jordan starts slowly walking in the room.

Once Jordan walks enough to get get two steps away from Chris, he puts the big bag down, and says the same words that were on Chris' mind all night.

Jordan: There is no room for losers in the Hunt family.

Chris just stares at his father, again, confused and anxious.

Jordan: This bag contains all your clothes and personal items, don't bother coming back home.
Chris Hunt: B-but..he chea---

Jordan: It doesn't matter, what matters is that you lost, you were pinned, the other side was victorious, and you weren't, goodbye.

Jordan turns to leave but before he can fully turn around, Chris cries out something.

Chris: But I'm only 11 damn it!

Jordan turns back to his son, still as calm as someone like him can possibly be.

Jordan: And you're already a disappointing disgrace!

Jordan takes a good, last look at his son then turns around and leaves, leaving the motionless, confused Chris behind. As Jordan opens the door to leave, Johnny Anderson walks in, the wrestler who had just cheated to win against Chris, Johnny Anderson walks in, notices Chris when he turns his face .

Johnny: Oh, hey there champ, good match out there.

Johnny lets off a small sarcastic snort before he approaches one of the drawers, on the side of the room opposed to Chris, he takes a bag that was above the bench, opens it, and places it on the bench, then sits next to it on the bench as he opens the drawer, removes items from it, and places them in the bag.

As Johnny is packing, Chris' mind turns into turbulent mess, he is just sitting motionless, random thoughts flying through his head. Johnny is speaking to him, but he can't hear a thing he's saying, it's all blocked out

Then suddenly all the thoughts stopped, his brain stopped thinking, instead it was overcome with a powerful emotion, a very odd one, Chris' sadness turned into one of hostility...he started getting strong urges to use his strength to destroy, or hurt, that weird emotion, not known to the innocent child was in fact anger...deep, deep anger..this causes Chris' breathing to get heavier, his eyes to get red, and his facial expression to switch, which made the 11 year old look like an adult.

Johnny Andrews: But yeah, that's another story *chuckle*...so yeah, like I said, sorry about what happened there, you know what they say, gotta get that W!

At that, Chris immediately gets off his bench and with one swift movement runs towards Johnny, raises his leg to the level of Johnny's face, and hits him with a LEGENDARY Running Big Boot!!!

The huge kicks impact caused Johny's head to hit viciously against the drawer, opening a huge cut on his head and knocking him out unconscious, Chris looks down at Johnny's bloodied unconscious body for just a second, gaining pleas sure from it, then kneels down on him and starts hammering him with vicious right hand punches until three security personnel run into the room and try to get Chris off Johnny's bloody body, and they barely manage to succeed.

The three of them drag the raging Chris Hunt out of the room, but just barely, then move him slowly to a big door at the end of the hallway as the rage of poor Chris Hunt causes him to keep struggling. Before the 3 security men manage to take Chris out of the building, a loud firm voice comes from behind them.

Voice: HALT!!

The security workers stop turn around with Chris, who is still struggling, to see the source of the voice power-walking their way. It was an old man, approximately in his 50s or 60s, he was tall, about Chris' height, had a decent, firm body, and was wearing a suit, once the old man is 3 steps away, he speaks again.

Old man: What are you doing?! Bring him back to my office!

Security worker: B-but M-mr. McDonald...look at him!

Mr.McDonald takes a device from his pocket, pushes a button on it which causes it to light up from one end, the device was a tazer, he extends his arm quickly and puts the lit up part in Chris' neck, causing him to vibrate and faint.

Mr.McDonald: Bring him to my office, NOW!

The camera fades to black and cuts to another location, this time it's a fancy office, the floor is made up of some sort of fancy wood, the walls are painted brown, and the desk looks expensive, but what's more important was the man sitting behind the desk, the man we now know as Mr.McDonald. Chris still unconscious, they had sat him on a chair next to a wall and handcuffed him to a weird, firm metal pole that was standing near the wall.

Mr. McDonald and Chris were alone in the room, Mr.McDonald was relaxed on his chair, he was leaning back and looked quite comfortable. Chris starts to wake up, he looks around him, then at his handcuffs, and immediately starts to pull on them hysterically, after some unsuccessful attempts he just punches the wall and looks at McDonald, who wasn't at all intimidated by any of this, he didn't react in any way.

Mr. McDonald: See this why I had them handcuff you

At that, Chris makes another strong tug at the cuffs

Mr.McDonald: Look, I don't want to imprison you or torture you, I just want to talk, so please, just sit back on your chair and let's be rational, can you please do that?

Chris looks straight into McDonald's eyes, then pulls the chair under him and sits on it.

McDonald: Alright...good..Chris, is it...? you see Chris, my name is Prince McDonald I know of your situation, and I'm sorry for what you're going through, sincerely, but you also have to understand that I run a business...and by doing what you just did to one of my wrestlers, you are jeopardising my business and committing a crime....BUT, how about we make all of this go away? Here's the deal, since you don't have a contract with this company, what you just did was assault, I won't press charges and have you spend a year in a juvenile center then maybe more time in a mental hospital if, and only IF you agree to sign a three year contract with my company...since you're 11, I will dumb it down for you, sign a contract with us for three years , which will mean that you will work as a wrestler for us for that long, and I will not send you to jail, do we have a deal?

Chris doesn't stop to think, or process any of this, the huge 11 year old just replies with a sharp, deep voice.

Chris Hunt: Give me that contract you speak of!

Prince McDonald just smiles, and the camera slowly fades to black.


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Re: Revelation of the champion's past part 1.

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Finally finished.


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